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IDE Disk on module 128mb - 32Gb

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Something you have to watch out for with small/old DoMs is they're often made with the older flash memories that don't have that many read/write cycles and lack particularly intelligent wear leveling, which makes them not-good-choices for running "normal" desktop-use operating environments. They're pretty common in embedded hardware like serial console servers, WAP controllers, NAS devices, etc, and usually the OS in these systems is set up so all mutable configuration info is stored in a "blob" that's restored to a RAM disk when it boots; the only time the DoM ever gets written is during an OS upgrade or when a configuration change is committed. (Which triggers a copy from the running RAMdisk back to the saved blob.


I have a DoM pulled out of an IBM storage dingus lying around that I keep meaning to plug in and see if works. Considering where I got it there's a good chance it's bad.

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