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I nominate dougg3 and bbraun for Retro Challenge!

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Submitting projects requires planning and foresight and documentation and stuff. That sounds hard.

I have been doing stuff, I've just been lazy about documenting it. And I don't usually plan out projects, it's more along the lines of having an idea and doing it. In no particular order, the ones I've done so far this year:


Color happymac during boot now works. It's kinda sorta a backport of/inspired by what the early PPC ROMs did for their color happymac. Now for 030 macs too! It uses a 'cicn' resource if you want to make your own, but it's not exactly straightforward to add.


I put the serial disk driver into ROM, and it can successfully boot System 6.0.8. System 7 has a problem I haven't exactly identified. But hey, you can now boot a mac from rs232. Or just use the serial disk without needing to install a separate driver.


I was playing with the "reserved" VIA pins on the IIx (also SE/30, and at least 1 on the IIci), wrote a control panel to toggle them, and connected up an LED I was toggling from software with it. The control panel is really just a proof of concept to show they can be toggled. For now it's just added to the library of tricks for these machines, and hopefully it can be useful in some future project.


I wrote a driver to load an image from an AFP server into memory, and use that RAM image as a disk. The intent was to put it in ROM and be able to boot from an AFP server this way. Unfortunately, it looks like appletalk isn't initialized by the ROM, it gets initialized during the system boot process, and initializing it by hand is more involved than I'm going to do at the moment. Maybe someday.


I've got an experimental implementation of the romdisk driver and a control panel to use PRAM to allow using the romdisk as the default startup device, control whether it uses ram or rom, and whether it is using a 1.5mb or 7.5mb image.


Anyway, yeah. Nothing entered, no competition, just doing stuffs as I think of them.

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