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Source of 1MB L2 Cache Modules for PM 6/7/8100s and others

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Hi Guys,


Not sure if you guys have any use for this but I figure it can't hurt to share the information.


While most Power Macs these days can or have been upgraded with either a G3 or G4 accelerator containing an exuberant amount of L2 (or even L3) cache on-board generally, in some cases, machines such as the Performa 6100/66 can't really utilize an accelerator if using either a Nubus or DOS Compatibility Card. Since I still wanted to be able to have a somewhat responsive system but without sacrificing my DOS Card, I had been looking for ways to somewhat improve the overall performance. I had been using 256KB of L2 cache so far but I had heard of the existence of a 1024KB (1MB) L2 cache module. Let me tell you, I've had a hell of a time finding one (these buggers seem to be rather elusive!) - until now!


Searching the almighty interweb I stumbled upon the site of a company named "Data Memory Systems" which still seems to have some on-hand stock of L2 cache modules. I figured I'd give ordering one a try so I ended up ordering the 1MB L2 Cache Module for the 6100/7100/8100 series of Power Macs, and at $2,-- per module - which included shipping nonetheless - I figured heck why not.


I am happy to report that I did indeed receive a L2 cache module rather than an email stating that they're out of stock but haven't had a chance to update their site yet! It's pretty big and heavy in comparison to the 256KB module (I'm scared of it somehow ... in a really strange way) but it certainly works like a charm! The performance increase is quite noticeable, even in comparison to the 256KB module.


Anyway, if there are more oddballs like myself who either can't or won't upgrade to a G3 accelerator, here's the link to the site (also, if accessing from the main page, scroll to the "Clearance Items" and then to "Apple VRAM & L2 Cache Cards"):


Link: http://www.datamemorysystems.com/Apple-VRAM-&-L2-Cache-Cards/C_1143





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I have to admit that the description for this one isn't very specific. One can only assume at this point, but according to VRAM Chart (http://support.apple.com/kb/TA29136?viewlocale=en_US), if it's 68pin VRAM then just about all of the LC/Performa/Quadra/Centris could use it. Guess it's time to call/email in order to find out more details (speed, etc.) :)



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