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Pile of FREE Macs!!

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There was an add on our local Kijiji site. "Giveaway of very old Mac computers and acc. Come and get them". It gave the address. It happened to be near the school my son goes to. So I stopped by. There was at least 50 Macs. Keyboards, mice, printers, monitors, boxes of parts. Also mac books and factory boxes. I should have taken some pictures!!! I really do not need any more Mac stuff... BUT!! So I loaded up a couple of 6100/60-66 AV, nice cases. A DuoDock Plus, two Quadra 630's and a Quadra 650, a neat looking Apple monitor, a 7300/120 some PB1400 parts and a bunch of ethernet cards with the angle adapters. The price was right and it was only a few extra minutes to pick up the stuff. I have some projects that some of the parts will help finish off!

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I dropped by the Free Mac Pile again. It was bigger than last time?? This guy has lots of stuff. I really am getting short on storage space too... This time I picked up a PB540c, a Duo230, a 6500/225 and another DuoDock with the ethernet plug in. Also took a n.i.b. powerbook battery charger(PB100's). The fellow was there this time, he is cleaning out his garage and will be adding to the pile one more time. I asked about PB G3's. He said he thought he had a box of parts for them in the other corner of the garage. Looks like I will be going back one more time!!

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