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An Apple Orchard.

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20 Powerbooks.


I got them via craigslist for 50$. There are so many, I dont know where to start testing.


Powerbook 1xx


Powerbook 100 ? RAM No HD, and its missing most screws and shredded :(

Powerbook 150 #1 8mb RAM 100mb HD (According to sticker.) Needs screws tightened on bezel.

Powerbook 150 #2 12mb RAM 120mb HD OS 7.1 Word 5 (According to sticker) Nice Condition, mint

Powerbook 180 #1 14mb RAM 120mb HD 7.5 (According to sticker.) Nice condition. Mint

Powerbook 180 #2 8mb RAM 120mb HD 7.5 (According to sticker) Missing battery.

Powerbook 170 x3 One has 4mb, other 2 has 8mb. All have 7.1 and 80mb HDs.

Powerbook 520 20mb RAM 300mb HD 7.6 Nice.

Powerbook 540c 32mb RAM 300mb HD 7.5.1 (Super nice, but has an issue where the space bar does not work. I took it off to clean the contact, but now I cant get it back on!)

Powerbook 520c (Did not test yet, has no label. Looks nice.

And 2 more dead 5xx, for parts, and a 5xx body separated from screen.

About 4-5 5300. Some are shredded and junk. 2 are in good condition. Cant test due to lack of PSU. The labels say 8.1 and 32mb RAM.

1 1400. Says no HD. No Specs.

And the creme of the crop:

2 Late Duos

A Duo 280c

And a Duo 2300

Came with 2 Minidocks, one floppy, and no PSU. In almost perfect shape.

A box of SCSI Laptop HDS OO

A box of batteries and CD/Floppy Modules


This was the most amazing conquest I ever made. Now I need PSUs. Can anyone sell me a 1xx Power supply on the cheap? This conquest drained all my money.


I am incredibly happy, however I am afraid the powerbooks may eat me if I don't pay them attention. Right now the 1xx are sitting on my bed, the 5xx are sitting on my bookcase, and the 3400s are still in the box I got them in. The duos are sitting on my desks. Amazing machines.

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I was thinking about getting rid of mine, there is really no point. It's funny, the screen is not cracked, but there is nothing coming up, just the backlight. Even with the backlight, I don't see any screen damage.


Also, be careful of the 1xx power supplies. Apple sold one that is identical that is actually marked "apple low voltage power supply" with the same case, and same connector. My Quicktake 150 came with it. Not sure what would happen if you used that with a 1xx, but I don't want to chance it.

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There were four models of adaptor made for the 100 series PowerBooks, which differ in their power rating. Have a look at this article: http://support.apple.com/kb/TA32393?viewlocale=en_US. Although the connectors are the same, some adaptors are not universal and care should be taken particularly with the PowerBook 100 and 150, where an adaptor under 19W must be used. Although not completely logical in electronic terms, (the PowerBook should only draw the current it needs), higher powered adaptors can and do toast 100 and 150 models.


The 1400 adaptor should work fine with the Duos.


Very, very nice conquest by the way. :D SCSI hard drives for PowerBooks are also a good thing to have as they are diffucult to find these days.

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