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Newton MessagePad 120

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I just thought I would mention that I bought a MessagePad 120 recently. I havn't recieved it yet. It will probably come next week as it is coming from Spain.


It is boxed and in mint condition. Only issue is that it is the german model, but that is fine.


I'll post more when I get it. I expect it will be very useful.

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No perticular reason. The fact that is was a good price and came boxed and in mint condition were good.


A 2000/2100 would have been good but they tend to be rather expensive and I don't really need it to be very fast.


I would just like to be able to make notes and do writing and whatnot on it.


Looking forward to getting it :D

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I got my 120 last week :)


I am getting there with finding my way around it now.


It has been quite useful, but the handwriting recognition is a bit rubbish. I'm guessing that is because, being a german model, it compares my words to german ones and not english ones. I am quite happy with just writing on it though and not using the recognition for most things so it isn't really a problem.


I will post a few pictures of it when i get chance.

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