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SCSI harddisk replacement options

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Ive been in close contact with the author of that device, and with his assistance and mine, i am developing a 2.5" SCSI SSD based off of that design. sorta.


do to physical constraints and size of parts, i had to use a 3.5" board for the first prototype. still waiting on the board.

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I should mention that many of the SCSI HDDs of yesteryear shared the same disk mechanism with their IDE counterparts, so save your controller boards and look for matching IDE drives that might still be usable.


There were a LOT more made with the IDE controller boards than the SCSI boards . . .

. . . so there should be a LOT more of them still running! }:)

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Dang, what a shame :/ I've got a new one on the way from the US as we speak. (used - new as in I haven't tried this model before) Report to follow.


Here's a few I hadn't seen before:




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