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Just bought MP2100

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As the title says I have just purchased a MP2100 and I am waiting for it to arrive. When it does I will attempt to run a Wavelan Wireless Card


As a Man who has never owned a Newton I need some pointers regarding software.


Sure I have been to the UNNA archive but there is a lot of stuff on there.


What would you lot recommend for the following categories.


1) Web Browsing

2) E-mail Collection and sending

3) Tools for writing a novel


Any help appreciated.

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Congrats! I just got my first Newton last week. I'd just like to say that the handwriting recognition on the 2100 really is as good as everyone says it is. I'm very pleased.


I'm still waiting on some items to let me connect it to any of my macs, though, so all I've been able to use software-wise is the included apps.

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I would recommend courier for web browsing. While the rendering has been spotty for myself, it has been the fastest and most stable that I have personally used. I also love Raissa, by the same 40hz, for doing RSS reading. The 2100 is an amazing rss reader!




Check out the rest of the software there too. It is all quite well put together. The menubar enhancements are quite nice, IMHO.


I was using MailV for mail for a while, but I will admit since using an iPhone for mail, with it's superior IMAP support, I have lacked on the newton front there.


As for writing a novel, I would definitely get a keyboard and dongle if you plan on doing much of that. Otherwise, for software, not sure, I never did much in that front. There is NewtWorks, but there may be a better alternative for writing in particular.



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I like NewtWorks and NewtsCape as far as software packages go. There's a lot of other stuff I have backed up that I need to try and haven't gotten around to yet.


One software package I really like is Avi's Backdrop. I had the backdrop set to Extras for a while, but Avi's is a nice background/starting point for Newton OS.


Also note that Hiroshi's driver for wireless cards is officially shareware, but Hiroshi went incommunicado years ago and there is no way to register the driver to get WEP support. Annoying but that's the way it is for now...

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