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Differences between the B&W and Yikes! Heatsink

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Are there any differences between those 2? I just tried the voltage tweak to make my brand new G4 ZIF 400 run at 500mhz but it failed. The machine freezes a few seconds after boot, or during it, sometimes with bomb error messages. I followed exactly this: http://xlr8yourmac.com/G4ZONE/G4YIKESOC/500MHz_yikes.html

but it failed. However I succeeded with a G4 zif 350 to run at 450mhz with the same voltage tweak.

Could it be because the B&W has a different heatsink from the "Yikes!"? Mine is a B&W using the G4 zif module from a Yikes. Any help is appreciated.




PS.: I already have extra cooling added (2 additional fans attached to the heatsink and thermal grease)

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If it worked with the 350 but not with the 400, I'd say the problem is probably with the 400 chip rather than the ZIF or the heatsink. I suppose it could be a problem, but not likely since you already have additional heatsink fans.


[EDIT] Really, you may as well get a Sawtooth on eBay--they're dirt cheap these days. I have a 500MHz Sawtooth that I absolutely love.

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but you're chipping a B&W, right?

That's right!

Sometimes I see some used Sawtooth with low prices, but it depends on the vendor and normally is out of town, so there's the high shipping cost and no OS 8.6 [:(]]'> . Some people think because it's a mac that they can get 200% profit on it even if it's an obsolete model. I've seen some people selling Classics for about US$ 700 in here (converted from our $ unit). [:O]]'>

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