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Working iBook G4 for $10!

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Found this iBook G4 mid 2005 12" at my local Savers for $10! It didn't have a charger but I had a universal power supply that worked just fine. I did go ahead and grab a genuine 45W charger off of eBay though. So here are the specs: 1.33GHz G4, 1GB ram, original 40GB hard drive (I do plan on upgrading this eventually). This iBook was very dirty when I got it, almost looked gray! You can see in the last picture how much lighter it got when I started wiping it off. It does have a few very minor (in my opinion) cosmetic issues but nothing major. Oh and I almost forgot to mention the battery, it has 311 cycles and is pretty much worn out. It lasts about 30-45 minutes at the most.





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Congrats!  You got a pretty good deal for $10, especially if the optical drive works and you don't have any dead/stuck pixels on the screen.  You can still find both Apple and aftermarket batteries for the iceBooks and they're pretty cheap too.  I'd snag a few while that's still the case.

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Yes the optical drive and screen are perfect. And yeah I’m definitely gonna try to get a good genuine battery for this laptop eventually.


Just an FYI if you weren't already aware.  Apple had a battery recall for this model.  I'd check the battery's serial number against this document just to make sure it's not one of the effected ones.  The defective batteries were fairly common.  Back in the day, I replaced roughly 20 of them out of a cart of 30 iBooks.

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I actually haven’t gotten a new battery yet but I will definitely check it when I do. I have already checked the battery in the laptop and it’s not one of the recalled ones. But thank you for telling me! That could really be a problem if someone wasn’t aware and left it charging unattended.

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