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Issues with Toshiba xm-3301b

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I bought this drive off eBay to do an a/ux install, but having a weird issue, when I insert a cd caddy it starts to load then a few seconds later immediately spits it right back out. I've tried different cds, caddys.


When I contacted the seller he claims it was working and maybe it's an issue with jumpers?


Any thoughts before I return it?

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That does seem like a drive issue to me, particularly if it's doing this with commercially pressed CDs and not just CD-R/RWs.


Here are Toshiba's product specs for the drive, which might as well be a service manual for all the information provided. If you want to troubleshoot any further, it might help. I might try setting the "Audio Playback (TEST)" header as detailed in the document. If the laser pickup and logic of the drive are working, it should begin playing an audio CD through the headphone jack upon insertion.


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