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Okay, that requires a *LOT* more information.


The simplest answer? Read this: http://www.applefool.com/se30/


The long answer requires more information from you.


What type of drives do you have on the two Macintosh Pluses?  Is one connected to the SCSI hard drive, and the other floppy-only? Do both have their own hard drives, and you want to share a third hard drive?


Is it an "ImageWriter" or an "ImageWriter II"?  Does the ImageWriter have the "LocalTalk Option Card" installed?

Do you have the official AppleShare server software, or are you meaning you want just the "built-in networking in the standard version of the Macintosh System Software"?

Assuming the "minimum" on each (one hard drive total, just floppy on the second Mac Plus, ImageWriter with no LocalTalk card, no AppleShare server software,) then realistically, you're going to need System 7 (any version) on the hard drive, and a "Network Access Disk" boot floppy for the other Plus. Just open the "Network" control panel on each system, make sure "LocalTalk" is selected. Open Chooser on each system, make sure AppleTalk is on. Open "Sharing Setup" on the system with the hard drive and start file sharing.  Then from the Chooser on the "client" system, select AppleTalk, and connect!

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