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EXTREEM EDITION : goodwill and thrift finds !

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well over time i have seen and bought very interesting things from goodwill , heres what i have so far ....


1 a in box ibm pc jr needing new ram , never used for 40 $

2 a mac lc 3 intact laying in a bin for 15 $ works great , had a lt of games on the hdd :D

3 a fully working rev a apple ii e with disk drives . now have a floppy emu , highly recommend people get on , its  very useful .

4 a atari 520 st works , built a psu with my dad , works , i have no disk drives of any kind for it . found it in a goodwill (the same one as the lc iii ) on top of a treadmill .

5 a brand new compaq armada 1573dm . dam , the battery still holds a charge for hours .

6 a imac g5 and powermac g5 for 50$

7 a powerbook g4 titanium . the thing is made of bad luck .

craiglist finds

1 a powerbook g3 with os9 : 20 $ and a 30$ samsung galaxy tab 8

secret tech shop finds

1 a free ibook g3 , only runs on battery

2 powerbook 5300 , works with other goodies

3 apple newton message pad 120 broken , will not power on , but when probing it , it has power

4 a apple newton mate (repaired screen cable)

5 a whole pallet of vintage apple ! 

5a a mac classic 2 (recapped)

5b a quadra 700 works , with chainsaw like hdd and awesome graphics card w/ software 

5c (the 2 above are what i have bought out of the pallet 

5d a mac ii , odd graphics card . 

5e a apple 2gs . had no upgrades

5f  2x apple iici , they found a good home , now used as a gaming computer (both recapped)

5g 2x apple mac lc 1 , they are sold as a bundle on the counter , one works , the other needs a recap


1  rescued 286 going to the dump , free works with a hdd (yes a scsi 50 pin hdd)

2 a great for gaming pentium 166 computer for scrap . works fine , have it ext to my modern custom pc .

3 lots of hard drives from 50 pin scsi to micro ssd for notebooks 

4 powerbok 145 (selling on ebay for 20 $ someday ) screen issue , broken ribbon cable . good motherboard .

5 a very rare hp omnibook 300 with a and 386 25  low power with 4 aa batteries (the thing runs win 3.1 in b&w )

thats it for now ....... 

msc :

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goodwill here sells computers and peripherals,  one store has most of it, no HDDs  generally crappy worthless stuff.    That store and others also have small displays with tested/shrink wrapped stuff that's sold at retail prices.  anything rare, vintage, of any value goes straight to eBay. 

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Goodwill here only has computer peripherals, but they are priced a little crazy (but consistently) e.g


New programable USB gaming mouse - $2.99

Original Microsoft Optical Mouse - $2.99

Crappy Generic PS2 Mouse - $2.99


I've also gotten external floppy and CD drives that went with vintage PC laptops.  Never any Mac things though.

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