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I have one of them (Asante MCiNB Rev. A P/N: 09-00061-03 A3) and the only mayor issue i've found is that the card can't negotiate with modern 10/100 or Gigabit switch or routers.

The only way to work properly is to connect to a 10base-t only switch, and connect the switch to the modern ethernet equipment.


Anything else works fine, with Asante EtherTalk Installer 5.6.1 drivers on a IIfx with 7.5.5

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"Asante EtherTalk Installer 5.6.1" is what you're looking for regarding software. That plus the card itself should get you up and running. Into what system (machine/OS) are you installing the card?


I can’t find the Asante EtherTalk Installer 5.6.1 anywhere? The only thing I found was a broken hqx-file at The Mac Driver Museum. I contacted Asante, who has yet to reply.


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