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Apple III Power Supply Wiring Question

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So I received a ReactiveMicro Universal PSU unit today for my Apple III.

​The instructions for installing/wiring it are here:




The Apple III instructions begin at p.46.


I have installed everything without problem, except that instead of a "black or brown" wire and a "white or blue" cable, I got two blue cables -- one with a "female" connector that connects to the back of the power switch, and one a pin connector that connects to a wire coming out the back of the AC outlet.


The instructions and pictures at step 10 are therefore not clear to me:  Which wire is "hot" and which is "neutral"?  Should the blue wire connecting directly to the power switch go into "slot 1" of the MTA156 connector (closest to the large capacitor) or should it go into "slot 3" (i.e. the middle one)?  Does which connector it goes into determine whether the wire is "hot" or "neutral"?


I emailed ReactiveMicro, but they probably wont get back to me until tomorrow.  I figured maybe someone here with wiring experience would know the answer tonight!





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