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Picking up tomorrow: SE/30 with Radius Pivot monitor!

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What an oddball conquest!

The SE/30 is in pristine condition. The Pivot Display is in good but not perfect condition.  A couple of bonus accessories that are funny, too.



As shown here, the SE/30 is still in its 100% original condition!  Stock 2 MB RAM, still on System 6.0.5!  Works great with both internal and external displays, though.  



Radius Pivot Display on its custom video card.  Supports live-rotation (senses when you rotate and rotates the desktop, then rearranges desktop icons to fit.)


For the life of me, I can't get the silly forums to let me attach any more pictures to the post properly, so I'm making an album and I'll link it here when they're uploaded.

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Combination of remembering this site exists and having spare time to dig through my closet.


I've been getting the occasional classic Mac every so often, just wasn't documenting it here, because I forgot about here.


(My bookmark was to the old domain, I remember clicking it a couple times and thinking this site had gone away. Was reminded of it on Reddit, with the right domain.)

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Here are some pics of the internals. It was a little dusty, but in good shape otherwise.




The video card in place.




Video card removed.




SE/30 logic board. It had the stock eight 256KB SIMMs installed. Promptly swapped in eight 1MBers. It's running System 6, so no real reason to put more in.




Inside of SE/30 back case - incredible condition! EMI shield is in perfect shape.

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Nice setup - I've only ever come across one Pivot Monitor (connected to a Centris 650), but it was smashed in ... sad.  Does it only output in B&W, and is it fairly slow to rearrange icons etc when you rotate the screen?



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This one is grayscale - 4 shades with the SE/30 video card.  I know they made a color version, too.  (There's even a color SE/30 video card for it!)

It takes as long to rearrange as choosing "Clean Up" would if you had all the icons scattered.

Here's a quick video: https://vid.me/4oo9

The interesting thing is when you have more than one full column's worth of icons, it "rearranges" them, keeping them in the same columns - which makes some icons disappear off screen!

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I have one of those micron xceed cards (without the grayscale internal connector) that I would love to connect a portrait color display, but I don't know enough about the card yet to know what monitors are compatible. One of these days I hope to have a similar setup! But of course it would be missing the coolest feature, the rotating auto sensing display. Such awesomeness!

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And confirmed the video card will ONLY drive the matching monitor.

Megabyte got his working on a Macintosh Color Display (14 inch CRT). It won't pivot but it will work great in landscape mode

It will work with other displays as well but it's very picky.


I can't get mine to work. Maybe a ROM problem.

See you have a ROM version 1 too, that's probably why mine won't work. I think it is only compatible with system 6 and needs a ROM upgrade to be compatible with 7 and 7.5. But don't quote me on that.

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