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Depends on what you want to do with it, but personally, for $90 a later one (G3 or G4) would be a better choice, the 5300 is very limited in what it can do.


I am selling off a few of my Pismo G3s and my Lombards...let me know if you have an interest/see my note in Trading Post. Decent batteries are getting harder to come by, but they can be rebuilt of course.


I personally think the Pismos were a true high point for Apple...easy to work on, parts are still out there, they are durable as hell, typing on one is a joy (as I'm doing now) and TenFourFox still makes them very viable daily web use machines with the right ad blocks and script limiters in place.

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Talk to J English Smith, he can set you up right! I got a few machines from him. Great guy!


The 5300 is a great little machine but it is rather limited, unfortunately. Love it, as I own 2 and one of them used to be my daily driver in the 1990s. and it has that rotting plastic issue. Damn.


The 1400 would be better, and then a G3 Wallstreet/Lombard/Prismo.

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The 1400 is usually very easy to live with for a relatively low price, if you specifically desire gray/six-color logo PowerBooks like I do. If you don't care, you could always go for a G3 or higher I guess.


Although... shameless 2400 plug. You can often get them for about $90 if you're patient.

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