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Trying to clean the floppy drive of a Macintosh Plus, now every time I insert a floppy it will automatically eject it. Disassembling the 800k floppy drive I realised that when I put a floppy in it, the motor doesn't spin and then the disk is ejected. Anyone know how to repair it? Any help will be appreciated.

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Turn it upside down and desolder/resolder the connections of the micro switches at the front of the drive. There should be two of them, one on each side - one is the read/write protect sensor switch and the other is the floppy lowered in drive sensor.


With your fingers, spin the disk on the bottom of the drive and see if it is not stuck. It should be fine in 99.99% of the cases but sometimes dirt and crap can get in there and needs to be cleaned out. You could blow it out with compressed air.


Edit: Also, after soldering, spray from WD40 or some other spray oil into the switch to clean it through the pin and hole on the top of the switch. Wipe it dry with a paper towel when done.

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Hi, thanks for the reply. I did everything you told me, except I've used isopropyl alcohol instead because I don't have any spray...but I've checked both switches with a multimeter and they seems to work. However the problem still persist, the floppy just stays quiet without spinning when I insert a disk and then it eject it.

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