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SE/30 Optimized for 2015

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So I finally got around to finishing the build on my SE/30. It was a Cragislister that I got about 10 years ago for $30 and had it at work for fun. Slowly the scsi went and then no sound. I got a re-cap from uniserver, and also traded some stuff for a re-capped analog board. I also had a decent tube in a SE that I wanted in the Se/30- it has less burn in than the tube on the SE/30 now (but it does have a little burn in).


The final piece was the HD- I had the above pieces to assemble but didn't bother with it becasue the SE/30 was running fine after the re-cap, but the original HD was a ticking time-bomb. Plus a bit noisy- I'm already used to my laptops having SSD drives and the spinny disk was annoyingly loud. So I finally ponyed up the cash to (Artmix?) on ebay and got a Aztec Monster and a basic 1G CF card from Amazon.


I pulled it apart after watching a great youtube video from TechNight about swapping tubes


that is actually what motivated me- if he can do three on a bed, with a screwdriver and holding a camcorder, I can just go down in my basement and do this and get it done. So I did it.


Things are back, and after a bit of flakeyness with the Aztec in an external box connected to my 840av - trying to copy over the system folder to get a boot disk- the Aztec was locking up... The Aztec works much better in my SE/30 than with the Quadra- perhaps they have tuned it with the SCSI timings in the Compact Macs? I'm not sure, but it's rock solid. And 1G is a loooot of space for System 7 and Apps.


So there you have it- this should last me a good further 20 years I hope. My kids are begging me to let them 'type' on the new computer...



SE/30 New Analog & Tube

The Mac working again, nice sharp image.

SE/30 DiiMo 030 50MHZ

The Diimo accel card, with the Asante Ethernet piggybacked on top

SE/30 Aztec Monster SCSI to CF

The Aztec Monster w/ 1G flash. I used a SE drive caddy, since it held the drive upsidedown and so that allowed the original drive led to fit into the Monster and it works great. The CF does not care that it's upside down :)

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They're $109-$119 on eBay right now.


[marketing mode]


The SCSI2SD, however, is a more economical choice, because A) They're $65 (considerably cheaper, I say), B) They're Open Source, so you could go build one yourself to save a bit more $$$, C) They use microSD cards, which are much more common than CF cards (and you can get them cheaply in larger capacities), and D) They're compatible with the same machines as the AztecMonster, as far as I can tell.


[/marketing mode]


Does that answer your question? :)



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