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So I have a few of these.


It was my first new computer bought for us as a family group.


So I'm sliding parts in and out maxing them out as best as I can, then I see a strange sight. Two ram slots instead of one.


So that's cool. Silk screened for 1-16 mb on one slot and 1-32 mb on the other. So that was new to me and kind of cool.

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I know the 640 took a dos board, but I do not have one. Not sure on the 580 as I only have a 575. Other than the ram slot it's identical in system profiler.


Now I just need to find out if the connection on the rca/s video in board was meant for anything.


Lots of what ifs with these I just skipped over its kind of fun.


Just need some cheap full 040's and they will be all set.

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AFAIK the 2 RAM slot board is the board used in the LC 580 and Performa 640. It has 2 slots, as well as the GIMO (I/O) ports for the DOS card connectors.


I've heard people saying they've seen the board in LC 630s as well. It typically only had 1 RAM slot and missing the DOS card connectors. I don't know if Apple ever sold the 630 with the 580/640 board, or it just got swapped out by people upgrading over time.

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Quadra 630 was the best of the bunch, only one SIMM Slot, but a full blown 68040 on board. It would have been nice to have had the DOS Card connections or the extra RAM slot of its DOS compatibile branch of descendents, but they were consumer market machines.


If you wanted Quadra performance, the 630 was the only game in town.

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