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So, I just attempted recapping my SE/30.


I still have horizontal stripes on a cold boot not otherwise though. I think initialization may be a bit delayed. On a reboot it chimes fine.. on a cold boot it is a bit weaker.


After it boots System 6 floppy will boot most of the time. I havne't been able to boot a system 7 floppy though (could be the floppies dunno I intend to reimage them from my PB190 to check that)


The HD doesn't spin up so I suspect either the connections or the scsi chip itself.... would the SCSI chip being bad cause a floppy to fail to finish booting it hangs right before the desktop appears. Sometimes at the last part of the loading banner other times with a white blank menu and blank desktop.


When I first got it.. I it would load up the SCSI HD every other boot or so... also I noticed the decoupling caps on the HD seem loose and get a bit warm when touched (possibly burned up the SCSI chip like that... I mean decoupling caps shouldn't get hot like that)


I just grabbed 2 chips on ebay here just in case for $8 total assuming the guy accepts my offer.... can't hurt to have em.

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Sounds like a short somewhere. Look over your recapping job with a magnifying glass. If caps are loose, that means that they were improperly soldered and never got soldered in place. Unsolder them, remove them and clean up the area. Examine the traces carefully. Examine the traces around the caps as well, are they intact?


Get the SE/30 schematic and check your SCSI and VIA pins to the traces with a mulitmeter. Here's hoping for the best...

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I highly doubt any of them are loose but I imagine I could have done a better job!


It may be possible I bridged under a cap slightly... hmm.


Also the largest cap on the board was difficult to replace as the solder point on the end closer to the middle of the board was quite hard to get the cap wire through. If I ever do this again I'll probably go with regular caps or at least non tantalum caps with leads rather than SMD caps.

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