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Found 3 results

  1. Building a Wifi Extension for 68k Macs I've previously posted a few hardware hacking projects where I retrofitted a Vonets VM300 Wifi card into a SE/30 and a Colour Classic. They work pretty well, but configuration has always been a pain as you need to do it from a Modern Mac or PC using a web browser. To solve this, I want to build a native Mac extension to connect to wifi networks - Ideally just like you would on a modern Mac. @hfrazier has already done a lot of groundwork on figuring out how to communicate with the VM300 using HTTP requests, and I've made a start on
  2. Hay, all - I still use my g3 ibooks in rotation, while slow for web surfing generally, they work ok as a companion unit when I'm at work. I have been using tiny EDIMAX brand USB wifi dongles, as their software plays well with OS 10.4, unlike many others. (I have to have WPA2 level security even to get on the "visitor" network here at my office.) But the darn black plastic antenna covers keep breaking. They are very thin plastic and not durable at all. Of course, the antenna still works with the plastic broken or removed, but then this sharp little thing is sticking out of the side of the lapto
  3. Just got my clamshell today. Its running 9.2.1 and it has an airport card installed. However, I keep getting error code 3278. It appears when I open the airport app and when I go to where there should be networks, and all I see is 3278. I've tried swapping AIrport cards, I tried reseating it, I tried a fresh install... Idk whats wrong with it, but its annoying me to no end. Any ideas?
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