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Found 7 results

  1. Hi all, Over the Christmas I decided to upgrade my PB 540c. I have a 16MB card to replace the 8MB card and a SCSI2SD PowerBook card to replace the 320MB 2.5" SCSI drive. Neither of these need replacing (12MB is fine for System 7.1.1 and 320MB is more than big enough for the games being played on it. It's not even all that loud.). While following the iFixit guide, I think I broke the little clippy things that hold in the keyboard strips and I have broken the plastic doodah that holds down the RAM board. I should know better. This is 26 year-old plastic. I have 2x P
  2. I’ve recapped my early version motherboard and replaced the PRAM battery. However I’m still seeing the loss of time, date and mouse settings when the classic is turned off. I have checked the battery voltage back to chip U12 pin 7, then to pin 12 on the EGRET chip. That path is good. Question- what chip stores the PRAM data? thank you. Rick
  3. I took this battery out of my Macintosh CC before it started leaking, and I'd like to find a replacement for it. I've searched local stores and they don't sell these, so I'm asking what's the best replacement for this kind of battery?
  4. All – I'm genuinely flummoxed by this. Have any of y'all seen this happen before? I took a working, recapped SE/30 without a PRAM battery, installed a new PRAM battery off Amazon, and boom – simasimac on boot, no chime, even after waiting for RAM check to complete. Removed the PRAM battery, and I'm stuck with the same simasimac. Would y'all know what might have happened here, or how inserting a PRAM battery in an SE/30 that previously worked might lead to a simasimac? To make sure I hadn't accidentally unseated a ROM or RAM SIMM, I removed all of the SIMMs, soaked them and the logic
  5. Hi folks Do any of you have any idea where I can source a replacement pram battery for a 300MHz Wallstreet (PDQ) laptop? or know the spec of the battery so I can make a replacement? Also, do any of you have any tips on opening the main battery, for rebuild? Before I start trying to hack it open, I'm hoping someone has been there before! I've decided to revive my oldest still in one piece laptop, my old PC laptop went pop, so had to get binned. This got me through university, so has a lot of memories. The main battery does take a charge, but only barely. the PRAM battery is shot as fa
  6. From the album: FancyFreddy

    Items you can get locally to rebuild a PRAM battery for your MAC. Avoid "Wire Glue".
  7. Hi all, im wondering if anyone might be able to make any suggestions regarding a 400mhz Pismo I have. As the title suggests, it boots so long as its plugged in at the mains and the reset button that sits among the ports has been pressed for a bit. The obvious first thing to do was to disconnect the dead pram battery however that hasn't soulved it.Can anyone suggest what I might be able to try next? Many thanks
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