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Found 4 results

  1. Hi all, I am proud (and sad) owner of a SE/30. When I collected it from the seller it was running just fine. When at home I removed the MB to inspect the caps. They looked just fine. I turned it on, and ... no sound, not a single rustle or hush noise the speaker cable is well connected to the two pins did the caps (which one?) passed away just at that moment? did the sound IC passed away just at that moment, lucky me I'm pessimistic by nature, so I thought I did a short circuit with some tiny piece of metal when I laid it down o
  2. Hi everyone. I recently pulled out my Macintosh Classic from the closet so I can play around with it. I acquired it on a eBay auction a couple of years ago. The Macintosh has a 500 mb hard drive with 4MB of RAM installed. The little machine runs great but lacks sound. No startup chime or anything but boots right into System 7.5 that I installed fresh less then an hour ago. I go into the Control Panel for sound and it still plays nothing even though the volume is on max. I've plugged in my external speaker and it makes very little sound. I've even tried out the Control Panel for sound as well w
  3. Hi folks... My Color Classic has had the LB and analog board re caped. It worked perfect. I packed it well, double boxed it and sent it in my shipping container from the USA to Ecuador. I unpacked it a few days ago. It looked just fine. I hooked it up and plugged it in, and turned it on. The screen looks like it has no power applied to it. It never changes color. The green light comes on in the CC when I boot. I do not hear any chimes or any sounds at all. I removed the analog board and plugged it back in again in case it was loose. Same issue. I will take it apart
  4. I have just recapped the LC II. After a recap, it worked correctly -- it had a steady picture, it chimed and it booted off the SCSI CD-ROM into System 7.5. Then I installed the Asante network card, which was originally installed, and it stopped to chime, but it boots and works correctly. Removing the card did nothing. Also the board was throughly cleaned twice, so there is no cap leak residue. I discovered that it actually chimes, but extremely quietly, if I put the speaker next to my ear, I can hear a faint chime sound. I also triple checked all my recap work, and found no problems. Also
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