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Found 3 results

  1. Hi All, new to the group and really needing some help. I've just dug out my old Apple Centris 650 (230 MB hard drive with a 2X CD-ROM drive) and still have the original working - monitor, keyboard & mouse, software install disks and a couple of printer cables. But here are my issues.. 1. When I start it up only a floppy disk icon appears with a flashing question mark, am I right in assuming this means it is searching for the Hard drive / floppy disk? and does this mean the Hard drive has packed up? taking the case off shows the drive is still powered. (But if i
  2. Hi, I'm still a newbie with old Macintoshes so bear with me. I'm getting a Centris 650 in the mail in a few days and it comes with two Nubus cards installed. The first is an unknown video card and the second is (I think) a Digidesign Audiomedia card. My questions are: 1) Do Nubus audio and video cards speed up system performance? If so, how much and how can you tell? 2) I'm not doing any audio recording but I will be playing games and multimedia cd-roms. Does the Audiomedia card improve sound for games, or did all 68k-era compatible games just output 8 bit sound natively since most
  3. I started an archiving project using a Mac Quadra 610 here: https://68kmla.org/forums/index.php?/topic/25007-starting-archiving-project-using-quadra-610/ However, the 50 MHz NewerTech Quadra Overdrive proved to be not all that stable. The rest of the machine is 100% stable running at 25 MHz without the Quadra Overdrive, and I'd like to fix that. Does anyone know of a source or sources of the last mask .57 micron L88M Freescale / Motorola chips, aside from the $50 ones on eBay?
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