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Found 24 results

  1. I have a Mac Plus that has been working perfectly for decades, but it has recently developed a few issues. When the Mac boots, it will promptly reach the desktop as usual, but anywhere from 1-5 minutes after booting, the Mac will crash out entirely to a blank screen and replay the startup bong repetitively in no particular pattern until I shut the Mac down using the switch at the back. When the Mac crashes, it will play the startup bong repetitively about 5-10 times and then it will somewhat restore itself and begin loading, only to crash out again during the startup process either before
  2. My Macintosh Plus has many hardware issues, but I would like to address this one today. This checkerboard appeared one day and alongside that, the sound stopped working. I already replaced electrolytic capacitors on both logic board and analogue board. I recently upgraded my Macintosh from 2.5Mb of RAM to 4Mb of RAM and the checkerboard changed. I would appreciate some help with this problem because I tried many solutions and none have worked. Before 4Mb upgrade: After 4Mb upgrade:
  3. I've been having A/V problems for some time now, I asked people on r/VintageApple and they said I should recap logic board. I already replaced all cylindrical capacitors on the analog board and a professional replaced the capacitors on the logic board, but alas, there wasn't any change, I still get this checkerboard on startup and there's no sound at all (except some occasional faint screeches). I am getting really desperate for solutions because this is a very specific problem that has not been (probably) documented yet. I really want to make my Mac Plus work again, but anything I've tried di
  4. Hello everyone! I introduce myself, my name is Rodrigo. I live in Argentina, so I apologize if my English is bad. First, I apologize for asking for help without having helped before. I've been reading this forum since 2017, but I've only just had time to get back to work on the Mac during quarantine. In 2017 I had the joy of finding a forgotten Macintosh Plus (Apple is not very common in my country) in an old warehouse. He had suffered a lot, he had the rear battery door with the battery burst and a lot of dirt. When turned on, the dreaded SadMac appeared with a co
  5. It’s been long in coming but I finally kicked it out today. Yes, even your working order Mac 128K through the Plus can use a recap. A video INDEX is in the text description on YouTube to help you easily refer to different sections of this 1 hour video. Even if you aren't interested in a recap, check out the bad Flyback segment where it lights up in the dark!
  6. I’ve been reading up about how to care for my new Plus, and one of the things that comes up is the capacitors, particularly C1. So I opened it up and found this surprise: I think it’s probably original, given all the hot glue around it, but it doesn’t match the images I’ve seen online. Is it a better capacitor for the job? I’m not really sure what to make of it. The other capacitors look alright to me, so I’m not in a hurry to replace them.
  7. Hello, I have a Macintosh Plus that have 2 problem: The Analog board only provide 9.4V measured on the connector on the Analog board side (Same on the J8 from the Logic board). All the connector have been soldered (with new solder past). The board had bad corrosion traces but I did measured all connection with an ohmmeter and they all seems to be fine -> I will probably need to change the 12V 5W Zener diode to solve the first issue. (I guess). I know that the Analog board has an issue because I tested it with a known good logic board and I had the same issue (9.4V inste
  8. Hello all - For the past few days I've been wrestling with this Macintosh Plus that has some serious analog board issues. When turned on, the system does not chime - it is completely silent. It appears to be dead, however, if the brightness is cranked up nearly to the max, a very distorted picture can be seen. It appears to be a partial vertical collapse, but on the top of the screen rather than in the middle. I've never seen a Mac exhibit this symptom before and am stumped as to where it is originating from. The small bit of vertical picture left also occasionally changes, as can
  9. Here's an update to a previous thread of mine in relation to getting a SCSI2SD booting with the Plus. The Plus is notorious for having a flaky/early version of scsi that doesn't work as expected and as far as I can tell there is no other reports of it working with the SCSI2SD. So my previous attempts to make a bootable SCSI2SD drive with codesrc's tutorial (found here) on the Plus resulted in weird behaviour (clicking noises, resets etc). I found out through setting up the SCSI2SD as if it was a HD 20 (see this comment) and using an earlier unmodified version of the HD SC Setup (
  10. OK if you have seen my post about my CRT issue you know that it has a strange problem. But when i was messing around it seems i broke a rom chip and now my logic board is mostly inactive! After putting in a disk it spun up for about 2 seconds and then cut off. I decided to check my rom chips and see if had put them in wrong. But when i switched them it just made a loud sound as if i made a remix of the Macintosh pluses startup sound. 3rd times the charm right? Well no, its not, in fact i found that a leg broke off of the LO rom. So i think that getting a new logic board will fix this? Al
  11. Hi, I bought Macintosh Plus (with 2.5Mb of ram) with CMS external SCSI hard drive, i also bought sealed and new system 6.0.8 floppy disks, i installed them on CMS external hard drive; when i open scrapbook or control panel or file manager, co-processor not installed error pops up, it keeps happening every time i open scrapbook or control panel or file manager. Please help me.
  12. This coming summer, I will be doing a Retr0Bright treatment on my Macintosh Classic and Plus, including keyboard/mouse. I've got a few questions on methods, so I can end up with the best possible results. -Should I remove the little apple emblem on the front? If so, how do I re-attach it when finished. -Is the original color really nearly white, because after looking at an even slightly yellowed case, it doesn't look right... Looks too "bright" -What's the best method for cleaning/whitening/Retr0Bright-ing the Plus's keyboard and the ADB keyboard/mouse for the classic. Sh
  13. I am looking for a macintosh plus keyboard and mouse. Don’t care about looks just care if they work. I would prefer to get them in one deal but I am happy to buy them individually.
  14. Thought it would be better to have a separate topic so anyone finding this by search/Google could see it more easily. I installed four 9-chip, 30-pin 1MB SIMMs into my newly built Plus, and when it boots upon performing its RAM test, I get a Sad Mac code 030ff0. Googling around indicates the first byte (03) indicates a memory failure, and the latter two bytes indicate which chip failed, although since it's a set of SIMMs that isn't a terribly helpful number. I have several sets of this type of RAM laying around and I've tried different combinations and it doesn't work. Occasionally,
  15. Hello people! I recently acquired a Mac Plus while doing a clean out of my grandfather's old factory. The keyboard and mouse were FUBAR, as they had been left under an old can of paint which leaked all over them. He said that there was also a hard drive somewhere, but we couldn't find it. I scrubbed as much old paint of this Mac as I could, and besides from a rather even coat of yellowing, it seems to be in pretty good nick. I took it home and plugged it in, and it made the start up bong and the floppy drive made noises, but the screen never fired up. I cracked open the case and be
  16. Good afternoon all, I have acquired two Mac Plus units of which neither want to boot. I've started with the usual logic and analog board cleaning and recapping to no avail. The most promising combination of boards only achieves a white horizontal line accompanied by noise from the speaker, as seen in this video: Other combinations of board only achieve a flupping noise at various speeds with a blank screen. Nothing seems particularly broken on any of the boards, except scorching underneath the 5W 1Kohm resistor on both of the analog boards, both of which tested open and ha
  17. Hello fellow 68k enthusiasts, I'd like to share a Mac project I've been working on for a bit now. I've been exploring "bare-metal" programming on the original Macs (128k/512k/Plus) and just got around to writing up my initial efforts here: http://jonsharp.net/retrocomputing/bare-metal-macintosh-programming-part-1/ But perhaps more importantly, I'd like to solicit some help in the next stages of my efforts to produce something modestly useful/interesting on the Mac hardware, without any real help from the ROM/System. I've got an 'experimental' branch in my 'HappyJon' repo that
  18. Hello everyone, I recently bought a Mac Plus on eBay, with a power cord. It did not come with a mouse or keyboard, and the seller priced them more then the computer itself. Thankfully, it's PRAM battery had been removed, even though the contacts were slightly corroded. The first time I tried to start it, it came up to a sad Mac with error 038000 on it. I checked and reseated the RAM, to no avail. I recently ordered 4x1 MB ram sticks, and when they come I'll keep you posted. I got it from the state next to mine, so shipping was not a complete killer. It unfortunately is missing the scr
  19. Does anyone know the pinout of the mac plus logic board to analog board cable? I was wondering if it used black and white composite video.
  20. Hello everyone I'm trying to troubleshoot a 1MB logic board (820-0174-C). It doesn't chime only does what I posted in the video. I tried reseating ram, booting only with 1 stick of RAM, etc. reseating and cleaning hi and lo ROM DIPS. Voltages are good from a good, working analog board. The -5 voltage regulator on the logic board measures okay (-4.999 volts). I hear the TSM DIP can go bad too. Any other ideas as to what might be wrong? Any other guides for troubleshooting the logic board. Please watch attached video. Thanks everyone. trim.524A3B4F-052B-44CA-9011-5E24ED3DEFEC.MOV
  21. Good morning to everybody, I have found a very nice Macintosh Plus computer complete with its external Hard Disk 20SC that is probably not working. This is the reason why I am here... I would like to ask if anyone know the functionality of this drive. When I switch on the Hard Disk the red led on it will ligth five times, then, if I will switch on the computer the 20SC led will blink again other five times and then it will blink continuosly very shortly, it seems that the the computer is trying to read the HD but it does not work. Does anyboy know what is happaening? And perhaps how to f
  22. Trying to clean the floppy drive of a Macintosh Plus, now every time I insert a floppy it will automatically eject it. Disassembling the 800k floppy drive I realised that when I put a floppy in it, the motor doesn't spin and then the disk is ejected. Anyone know how to repair it? Any help will be appreciated.
  23. Hey everyone! I'm SO glad I found this forum, I've been reading posts as a guest for a while and just now got around to making an account. Today I pulled my Mac Plus out of my closet for the first time in three to five years. It's sitting on my living room floor at the moment, though hopefully it will have a desk to sit on soon. The closet gets pretty cold, especially during winter, so I was a bit anxious about turning it on, not knowing what to expect. Thankfully it booted right up without any major issues. :b&w: It seemed to think that there was a disk in the internal floppy driv
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