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Found 3 results

  1. I recently acquired a Total Systems Mercury 030 accelerator from another MLA'r... it had the default configuration and works perfectly in my SE - now SE/030! I'd like to try it out in my Plus, which I know it supports. However, I can't find any documentation on how to set the jumpers and connect the Mercury to my Plus logic board. I know I'll need to solder some headers onto the 68000 (my Mercury has socket headers, so I just need pins on the 68000), and I believe I have to tap into the oscillator on the Plus logic board and possibly also 5V power... Does anyone out
  2. Ok, Since I kinda answered most of my questions with chipping, I figured I'd ask a specific question and actually put it in the correct forum I'm planning on getting a PDS riser for my IIsi with an empty FPU socket. Which specific P/N do I need? According to this database, there are several revisions and masks— now, I'm a noob and I haven't look up what a processor's "mask" would be, I just have enough presence of mind to ask those who do know. The Apple NuBus riser card has a MC68882FN20A FPU with a mask of 1C12R. So does the Daystar PDS riser. Can't find a googlesearch image of
  3. Thought I would do a write up on my absolutely loaded Macintosh IIfx, now that the build is largely complete. Last night I got around to recapping the board, removing SMD electrolytic caps that were starting to leak. I also replaced most of the radials, leaving the yellow ones in as I had no equivalent on hand. Specifications: 80mb Host System RAM, 16mb in Bank A, 64mb in Bank B 64mb Rocket StageII RAM 40mhz 68030 & 68882 FPU + 40mhz 68040 on Radius Rocket StageII Radius/Apple 24AC Quickdraw Accelerated Video Radius PhotoEngine DSP Card
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