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Found 6 results

  1. The quantum hard disk in my color classic died, so I bought a SCSI2SD and was reading some information about it on codesrc.com and there was written that SCSI2SD needs to run on 5V or else the board would break.
  2. Just uploaded my Apple Hard Disk 20SC recapping video, which also covers the 40SC, 80SC and 160SC since they all use the same SONY CR-43 PSU. Check the text description for a Mouser Cart and useful info. At the end, I do a boot test with a 2015 15" MBP.
  3. Hello everyone! My SE/30 has always had a weird problem: if I boot from the internal hard disk, most of the time the system software doesn't load, and the floppy icon appears (as if the HDD took to long to spin). This happens almost every time, maybe it will boot once every 20 times or more, and mostly at cold boot. But if I connect a SCSI Zip drive (even without a cartridge), the Mac boots just fine to System 7.5.5. I have a 8gb hard drive with five partitions, the system folder is in partition 1. Otherwise it's a stock SE/30 that needs recapping (no sound). RAM is 8mb. An
  4. Just a stab in the dark, I got a PB140 the other day (in an AS-IS basis) and surprisingly it works. But it won't boot from the hard drive. So I took it apart and poked around (after watching a few videos online). From what I can tell power is reaching the actuator arm and spindle (when I use a screwdriver to move the spindle in the centre) it seems to jump a bit (when connected with power). If I'm not mistaken, then that means that the PCB on the disk isn't sending commands to the disk? So the disk isn't spinning at startup. I'm trying to figure out
  5. Hi everyone ... first post for me here. Have a bunch of early model macs most of them working but having trouble reviving my SE/30. Recently had the logic board recapped, just got it back and was happy to see the happy mac icon after reassembly. Looks like it boots to Sys 7.X on the internal (original) 80MB HD but near the end of the boot sequence after all the Sys 7 icons are displayed and I'm expecting to see the internal HD icon in the upper right corner, I get a pop-up message saying the disk failed to initialize. Also seeing that the floppy drive isn't recognized, as I tried to boot
  6. I'm currently repairing an SE/30 and an SE FDHD, and I'm considering different ways of improving their data storage capabilities. Especially on the SE FDHD since it lacks a harddrive. I'm also short on money, and the CF memory card solution seems to be fairly expensive with the SCSI-to-IDE adapter. Are there any cheap routes that I have missed, besides getting a used scsi harddrive?
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