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  1. How does one login and/or register to post some documentation on the Wiki?
  2. Nova fan controller, 1 installed in my iix, 1 still in shrink wrap. Adjusts power supply fan speed based on a temperature sensor probe you tack to your internal hard drive with foil tape.
  3. I have a single Farallon PhoneNET Plus adapter with db9 male in my PhoneNet box that I've been hanging onto cuz it goes with my LocalTalk PC card... Your fastpath should be a db9 female I believe. Let me know if you're interested.
  4. I'm assuming from your description that the LCD display has both VGA and DVI/HDMI inputs and that the Mini is connected to the digital input all the time. I'm also assuming that the IIfx loses its video setting when you switch away from the VGA input on the display to the DVI. I'm not sure whether the Thunder has a VGA connector on it, or if you are using a DB15 to VGA adapter. When you say the image you get is washed out, does it display any particular tendency toward one colour or another, maybe kind of pinkish? Just a WAG, but it sounds to me like the LCD might be complainin
  5. If the 9GB drive is a single partition, I'm not sure you'll be able to read it on the 800 even with 8.1. http://support.apple.com/kb/TA27115?viewlocale=en_US Have you got access to a PCI Mac, Windows or Linux box with appropriate SCSI card and cables for these drives available to borrow long enough to have a look? Linux distros should have hfsplus included, and with Windows you could try HFS Explorer just to see if there is anything on the drives worth worrying about.
  6. Don't show your networking prof one of the Newton web server pages, he'll blow a gasket! Going marginally off topic here but I can't resist. I've got a host of "You can't do that on a Mac!" stories. I can still remember circa 1987 demoing Wingz on a IIci to a college math professor showing how it could do some some rather complex graphing for the time, smoking Excel on a PC. He accused me of lying to him and showing him a canned demo even when I showed him the actual code in the spreadsheet. People with firmly held biases have trouble when their world view is shaken.
  7. Kewl! That puts a smile on my face with my morning coffee.
  8. Couple of thoughts... It's not really clear to me what piece of gear on your network is acting as your router/physical connection to the Comcast network. Instead of entering the ip's for the Comcast DNS servers in MacTCP, have you considered just giving MacTCP a single DNS server address, being that of your router? This assumes that your router can be configured for DNS caching. I believe you would then have to enter the router address in both the gateway and ip address fields in the MacTCP client. Do you have other utilities outside of MacTCP to do a traceroute from the Classic
  9. I've posted a quick and dirty PDF I made from an old Farallon MSWord Tech note re PhoneNET wiring and termination guidelines at... http://members.shaw.ca/steves_stuff_for_sale/Wiring&TermGuidelines Can't guarantee how long it will stay there. Not quite clear on the Wiki process here yet, perhaps one of the Mods can contact me if they'd like my to post a cleaner file on the site or upload the text somewhere.
  10. My vote would be a Möbius Development card for an external display. Might be worth trying the drivers in the accelerator directory from Macdrivermuseum.
  11. Have you tried zapping the PRAM? Could be a classic case of SCSI voodoo. Try all permutations of cable connections on/off that you have available to you whether they seem to make sense or not, with the drive ID set to the original 3. Cable to 50 pin drive connection 1, terminator on 2. Cable to 50 pin drive connection 2, terminator on 1. Cable to 50 pin drive connection 1, no external terminator. Cable to 50 pin drive connection 2, no external terminator. Is your terminator an end plug or a pass through? If pass through, try putting it on the cable first before connecting i
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