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  1. Ooh, good to know, thanks! My workspace is occupied by another project currently, I'll try the reflow and check conductivity along the traces and if that doesn't work I'll try to get some high-res pics.
  2. So this is basically a copy of the issue posed here, but instead of resurrecting a 2-year-old thread I figured I'd post a new one. I just recapped my LC III, and though it was my first recap ever and might be a little sloppy, the machine has gone from "nothing on screen, screaming speaker, no hard drive power" to "boots to System 7, but ADB port doesn't work." I've checked the solder jobs as best I know how, resoldered a couple of them to be sure, checked the ADB voltage (4.87V on the 5V pin), and checked multiple ADB keyboards and mice that I know to work on my 637CD. So far, noth
  3. I cracked it open and reseated the components that looked out of whack, and it no longer shrieks on power-on! The picture is also pretty stable, but the horizontal adjust does nothing so I think that circuit is either broken or shorted. I'll be testing further this weekend; might only need a re-heated solder joint or a bodge wire to be back in business.
  4. https://imgur.com/a/xSs0TDB I just opened the machine up and it looks like it was dropped hard enough the entire analog board got knocked out of place, and I'm assuming whatever components I'm looking at directly behind the CRT shouldn't be sitting askance. How long should I let this thing sit unplugged before messing with CRT wiring?
  5. (Crossposting this from Reddit) Okay, first off, I know. The 5200 isn't the world's best computer. It might even be among the world's worst. But I've wanted one since they showed up at my elementary school in the mid '90s, and finally after almost a decade of searching I landed one. Frankly, given how it was shipped to me, I'm amazed it survived at all. It's been heavily upgraded it seems, with a 1.6GB hard drive, 64MB RAM, and Mac OS 8.5, but I think something got knocked loose during shipping. The Mac screams at me after the
  6. Hi everyone, I have a pair of Performa/LC 550s that are in the process of being refurbished and have two questions. The status of the less-broken machine is: Mac OS 7.6.1 installed on a SCSI2SD, non-functional floppy drive, caddy-loading CD-ROM with one flimsy, half-broken caddy I'm nursing as far as I can. First: I am trying to mount an external HP DVD-ROM drive to take the load off this poor caddy with no success so far. It's recognized by SCSIProbe (have it set to ID 2) and the drive spins and seeks a bit when I tell SCSIProbe to mount the drive, but no OS response.
  7. Charles has two motherboards of mine, a Macintosh Classic and a Performa 550. He's stopped responding to my emails as well. He's had them since April. I'm worried about the guy a little bit, since he told me he was going through some sort of personal issues, but my patience is about done. If you get a response from him, let me know.
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