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  1. The QS normally shipped with 2x Single Drive Caddies ( HH-805-2244-B ) and one Dual Drive Caddy ( HH-805-2322-A ). If you're in the US, let me know if you might be in use of one or more of them and we'll see if we can come to some arrangement;-) The Dual caddy may only work in the rear most slot under the fan as cabling and wifi card cage may interfere with the upper stacked drive.
  2. Is "revenge shipping" a thing? I've had this happen to me a few times over the years with Ebay sellers, when I score a great deal on something. They are so pissed that they didn't get fair market value out of their item, that they just toss it into a box hoping it will get destroyed. I once scored a Mac Pro3,1 for $25, and the seller shipped it completely disassembled with all the screws lodged in the power supply.
  3. One of the coolest feature of these Old World Macs is they can boot from a RAM Disc. Just use the Memory Control Panel to create a RAM Disc, copy your Systems Folder to it and any apps that may fit, then just set that disc to be the Startup Disc and reboot.......
  4. Be aware the G4 Mini with the Radeon 9200 has a 135Mhz pixel clock limit over the TMDS encoder for digital displays. Something to do with if the display is coherent or non-coherent. I ran into this issue a few times with later 1080p TV's. You just won't get any picture out of them at all if you exceed the 135Mhz pixel clock, however lowering the resolution to 720p works, and you can also monkey around with the settings in SwitchResX. Unfortunately, display manufactures don't really list if a display is coherent or non-coherent, so it can be luck of the draw
  5. With regard to running OS X on this machine, it likely wouldn't see any CPU's that are not propagated in the device tree, but it should be possible to write a driver, hack the kernel, or maybe even do some Open Firmware hacks to enable the additional CPU's. Really cool machine, I'm super jealous of your find, let me know if it's ever for sale.
  6. You can run up to 10.4.x on the 604, just need to compile the Kernel so it doesn't halt on unknown CPU's. I think the CPU check was added with 10.3, so kernels from 10.0-10.2.x should work out of the box.
  7. Hmmm........ https://charlotte.craigslist.org/sys/d/apple-imac-g3-desktop/6705088916.html Not to far from me, but who wants to pay the shipping.
  8. Never had one of the L2 Sonnet upgrades, or a TAM, but from the pictures I can't see any caps on the card. One would think, with a card this age, that failed capacitors would be an issue, however if the card doesn't have any, the other thing to check would be the thermal compound between the CPU and the heat sink.
  9. Thanks, I was thinking it did, that I had tested it, just couldn't remember for sure.
  10. I had a few LCII and LCIII back in the day, and I'm sure I tested more than one drive on the internal 50pin SCSI bus, but I can't remember if it worked?
  11. I normally don't check my local craigslist, but I've been looking for another Quicksilver to do a PC conversion with my son this summer. Only PowerMac listed was an iMac G3 Blueberry "PowerMac". I was thinking that he just didn't know what to call the iMac, so I almost didn't click on the ad, but I was looking into doing a Mac Mini swap into a Blueberry last night, so I figured I'd look at it, low and behold he had a picture of the iMac, and a picture of a Quicksilver and said $20 takes them both. Needless to say i bought them, no questions asked, as I didn't care if th
  12. One of the elusive Sonnet G4 1 Ghz would be a nice card to have. They sold their remaining stock in Japan, so check the Japanese auction sites from time to time, and you may come across one.
  13. I installed Debian on an old LCIII I had, years ago. X Windows was a little much for it, even tho it was max out ram( 32MB ) and Vram ( 732k? ). Fun old times, even had Mac OS 8.1 hacked one to it, and I think OS 9.1 appearance control panel with the "Foam" theme.
  14. Those extra drives are a perfect home for LinuxPPC. I still miss my old PM8600 with a Sonnet 450Mhz G3 and Voodoo3. I mostly ran Linux, and fired up OS 9 and OS X with Mac-on-Linux. I don't know if MOL's kernel module will build with the later kernels, but you should be able to get direct rendering( HW OpenGL ) working on your Radeon 9200 under the latest DebianPPC.
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