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  1. This sounds like it could be a double-termination issue. Does the external enclosure have its own termination? Try disabling termination on whatever device is mounted externally, and see if it makes any difference in behavior on boot.
  2. For the record, that warning only exists because people have been known to mis-wire the 12 volt line to 5VDC when making their own cables, and _that_ will fry a SCSI2SD. However, simply providing 12 volts from a normal four-pin cable is perfectly safe. The 12 volt line simply isn't routed anywhere on any version of SCSI2SD.
  3. That's definitely not accurate, I've been using one in my 630CD for literal years. Large CF cards, or cards that don't speak "true IDE" will likely fail, though.
  4. As of august of 2019, the situation has changed significantly, for the better: https://www.zdnet.com/article/microsoft-readies-exfat-patents-for-linux-and-open-source/
  5. Normally, yes, but V5.5 is a "direct attach" style device, designed such that no cable is needed.
  6. It could be the 53C80 SCSI controller itself. Is it known to actually work? It's soldered down (not socketed) on the SE, I believe, but you might want to consider trying to replace it, if you don't know that it's functional.
  7. Now you're just being silly. You can readily read above where I described " incorrect information shared on forums " being "more toxic to our business". In no way did I call you or anyone else toxic. Should I have said "inaccurate" instead of "incorrect"? Absolutely. But don't put words in people's mouths. That's just childish.
  8. With respect, you're accusing me of calling someone toxic and socially corrosive when I did _not_. I described the behavior as toxic, not the person. And I sincerely believe that wasn't the intent, but go ahead and willfully misinterpret what I said. It's fine with me.
  9. It's not at all slander. Just uninformed.
  10. It was listed as backordered on our web shop for the entire period of ~2.5-3 weeks,. I guess that wasn't good enough, so we will try to do better next time. When we don't know exactly when we'll have the next batch, we have a policy of not over-promising and under-delivering. 2020 has been a very painful year for anyone dealing with supply chains and lead times.
  11. All he would have had to do to get an answer on when we'd be back in stock is ask. It doesn't seem that ever happened, which is unfortunate. Choosing to spread inaccurate information online as a result of a conclusion reached in a vacuum is a problem that extends well beyond 68kMLA, and it's societally corrosive.
  12. Be my guest. Their assembly quality has declined as of late, so buyer beware.
  13. Sorry, but incorrect information shared on forums is more toxic to our business than someone being _potentially_ butthurt that we've called them out on spreading misinformation.
  14. Err, no? I'm not sure where you sourced this erroneous information from, but you're completely wrong. We (Inertial Computing, who is the OEM that manufactures them) ran out of stock, due to a surge in demand, for about three weeks. Respectfully, please don't spread FUD. SCSI2SD V5.1's are now generally available again, and we will continue to make them as long as the parts can be sourced in volume, and the demand doesn't abate, which it's far from doing. We also have plenty of V5.5's available, and have just ordered another thousand.
  15. I'd definitely be interested in hearing your reasons, if you wouldn't mind. Are you aware that the firmware for SCSI2SD (not "SD2SCSI") is fully open-source? You can view the contents of the repo at http://www.codesrc.com/gitweb/index.cgi?p=SCSI2SD.git;a=summary ...and anyone can fetch it via a Git clone: git clone --recursive git://www.codesrc.com/git/SCSI2SD
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