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  1. Hey Tom you are a genius! I started off using Isopropyl Alcohol on cotton wool but found that an awful lot of pressure was required and the coating was lifting off painfully slowly. I tried warm soapy water but this did not touch it at all. I then remembered that some time ago my wife bought some 'magic' cloths from the local supermarket. The're called 'No More Chemicals' and are a cotton cloth impregnated with silver. They are very smooth but somehow the silver helps the cleaning. This cloth dampened with IPA cleaned the whole screen in under 5 minutes - it looks as good as new Thanks
  2. Freecycle has provided me with a new piece of kit, namely a 17" CRT Studio Display. It's powered through the ADC port and looks very neat and tidy sat on my desk connected to my Quicksilver however it has 1 fault that I would like to put right. The glass screen has got dozens and dozens of feint 'lines' on it running in a roughly (very roughly) circular pattern across most of the screen. The lines give an effect similar to what would be seen if the screen had been wiped with a damp cloth that had left streaks. Does the front of this screen have some sort of coating that could be rubbed o
  3. Well yesterday I finally drove down to collect the lot listed above.. All items listed are present and correct, I was also given 2 external SCSI enclosures each with a CDRW drive installed, a large cardboard box with approx 150 Mac cover CDs from the 90's. Another huge cardboard box full to the brim with every sort of Mac related cable you can think of....6 PPC604 150Mhz daughter cards (I have no idea what i'll do with these!). A boxed Radius 8bit video accelerator card (I think it's for the 512k Mac or the SE30) several network cards, a half full carrier bag of RAM (many different types) an
  4. If, being of a tidy cast of mind, you used the pair of 100ns, they are too slow for the 475, no matter that the slower LC can use 100ns. You could hazard using the two faster cards, which would allow the the System to treat them both as 80ns, with a very good chance that they would work. (Ideally, you will use two completely-matched VRAM cards of 80ns or faster.) If that does not get you going, it is more than possible that you have a separate problem from that of the VRAM specification, relating to the VRAM slots, your PRAM battery (because the video characteristics are stored there for the
  5. 820-0605-A same as the sticks that I have, but I have been researching and found something I didn't previously know. The chips mounted onto each stick has a long number stamped across its centre, the end of the number is always in the format of -xx or -x where x or xx are digits. These digits refer to the speed of the chip i.e. -8 would indicate 80ns speed. Of the 4 sticks of 512kb VRAM I have recently bought 2 have -10, one -8, and one -7. I am guessing that as the LC475 requires a pair of 80ns VRAM sticks I currently do not have the correct specification. Why would 3 different spe
  6. Cheers Unknown K, any and all info on this would be much appreciated.
  7. I've been looking for a couple of 512kb VRAM memory sticks for ages to upgrade the video output of my LC475. I came across these 2 months ago and got them shipped from the USA over to me in the UK. 512kb VRAM , 68pin, 80ns, Apple part no. 630-0045 These looked perfect for the job but when I put them in the LC475 it will not boot up. I thought there may be a fault with the VRAM so I found a supply in Singapore, again got it shipped to the UK, put it in the LC475 only to be confronted with the same result. I'm somewhat fustrated by this by now, but find another LC475 on Ebay (in
  8. It looks like I have new stuff to play with this weekend The princely sum of £20 secured this little lot......I just need to tell my wife now that I'm bringing home ANOTHER dozen Macs, she may just kill me! PowerMac G3 400 chimes Powermac 8500 G3 (Formac card) chimes Powermac 8500 150 chimes Powermac 7500 100 chimes Powermac 7200 90 chimes Quadra 840AV Lovely cond chimes Mac II Vi (uber rare Mac in good cond) chimes Mac IIfx excellent condition and maxed with 128MB RAM, x2 1.44 flops and a 40MBHD, chimes Mac IIfx spares only Mac IIi Power Mac II Power Mac 512k power
  9. A good rule of thumb. :b&w: Surely that should be 'Good rule of finger'!!
  10. "I linked directly to his store above." OMG! I am just so dumb sometimes!!! Thanks Bunson, I've checked out your link and see the 650 accelerate card and the 'I'm not shipping internationally anymore' note. Interesting info to know that this guy exists, and if he ever has an item that i need i'll certainly try to twist his arm into shipping stuff to me in the UK. If that does not work he may be more willing to ship to my relatives in Canada and I can get them to forward it onto me!.
  11. Hey Noob, nice pic......I'll have the lid back on mine one day.....currently running it open as there is still work to do, however I seem to have been a little distracted over this past few days. I bagged a copy of a game called Escape Velocity....i think it's great and cant stop playing it. It reminds me a lot of a game called Elite that I played endlessly on my old Acorn BBC model B from the mid 80s.......aahhhhh happy days!
  12. Thanks for all the detailed info from all you guys. I've looked on Ebay for Quadra Overdrive but come up with nothing! What is the Ebay shop name that I need.......I could probably do business with this guy if only I could find him!
  13. Hi Mike, I've read about the 128Mb RAM upgrade but it seems that the 'right' type of RAM is required...ie it has to be single sided RAM (or something like that). If you have 128Mb RAM that will work with my LC475 I'd be really interested in obtaining some from you. Cheers Phil
  14. Hello 68k'ers I have a new (old) plaything in the form of a LC475. I have decided to upgrade this venerable old lady as far as she will go......problem is I don't actually know how far that is!!!! As of today I have got this far with the upgrade: Remove LC040 CPU and fit full 040 with FPU Alter resistors on M/B to overclock from 25Mhz to 33Mhz Add 32Mb RAM to the 4Mb onboard = 36Mb Swap internal 160Mb HDD for 4.3Gb Hdd Add 10Mbit ethernet card and get iCab 2.9.9 browser working for WWW access Add external CD drive Swap 100Mb external HDD for 4.3Gb HDD Upgrade OS from 7.1 to 7.6
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