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  1. Understood. Thanks to all that tesponded. Are there any 3rd party cd drives that also work with a classic?
  2. Please pardon my ignorance as I'm a bit of a vintage mac rookie. 2 Questions: 1. Are you suggesting that any compatible CD-rom drive will work plug and play without installing a driver for it? My Mac Classic doesn't have a Hard Disk Drive installed, on which I could install a driver. Say..if I purchase an AppleCD 300e plus for instance, will it work without installing any drivers? 2. The classic has OS 6.0.8 on a rom and can boot with a key command. Will that OS be sufficient in order to use a CD-rom drive or will i need a later version of the os on a disk? 3. Can anyone prov
  3. Hello, I apologize in advance if this has been covered somewhere, but I searched the forum and couldn't find any info. Is there any way to add a CD-Rom drive to a Mac Classic that doesn't have a HD? I'm asking because I'm assuming that adding a CD-drive would require to install a driver for it? I heard that a AppleCD 300 Drive should work with a Classic. Anyone know if the 300e Plus model will work too? Also, what other CD-rom drives are compatible? Thanks. George
  4. Thanks for your reply ClassicMac. I already tried all SCSI IDs on the drive. I also have a termination plug plugged into the 2nd scsi connector on the CD drive. Am I missing something?
  5. Hello, My Mac Classic (OS 7.0.1) doesn't boot anymore when the SCSI CD-Rom drive is connected. I get the question mark. As soon as I remove the scsi connector it boots up. The drive used to work fine and I didn't make any changes to the drivers or any other software whatsoever... The SCSI ID is set to 3 on the CD drive... Does anyone know why it's doing this? Any help appreciated. George
  6. Guys, Nevermind, I found another 4.2 driver after digging around on the web and was able to fully unstuff it. The zip drive was recognized immediately via the AutoDetect connector. Works beautifully. Thanks all for your help. George
  7. OR are there other, newer versions of stuffit that will run on os7.0.1 that might be able to unstuff this thing? thanks.
  8. I was never able to find out if my CD-rom drive works because I never dug around to find a proper disk to test it. I have OS 7.0.1 installed. Where can I get those OS disks you're referring to? Is there any other source on the web you know of that might have the unzipped driver i need? Thanks.
  9. I forgot to mention in my last post that I had already tried to use the blue autodetect cable at first. The Classic will boot fine if hooked up this way but the drive will not show up. I don't have the zip drive with me right now to check, but I don't think there was a termination switch anywhere. Only the ID 5/ID6 switch. Again, the driver file I downloaded has the extension .sit.hex. When I copied it onto a floppy on my pc using "MacDisk", the application asks me if I want to convert the Hex file or something in that manner. When I choose to convert, the file would change to a .sit ex
  10. Hi Guys, It's been a while since I started this thread and I thank you all for your posts. (I got side-tracked with some other work projects and didn't have much time to pursue my hobbies) I am still trying to get my Mac Classic to recognize my Zip 100 SCSI Drive, but so far unsuccessfully. Basically what I'm trying to do is to add the SCSI Zip100 Plus Drive as a removable storage device, not as a booting disk. My Classic boots from the 40MB drive. If the zip drive is connected to my Classic without installing any drivers, it won't boot I get the Floppy Disk/blinking Question
  11. Hello, I would like to add a zip drive to my mac classic. What kind of driver do I need to do that and does it require a specific OS version in order to recognize it? Thanks in advance.
  12. Thanks to all for the helpful tips. I will try those things out, but I'm actually now facing a bigger problem. I don't know if I should post a different thread for this... I'm also dealing with the Zebra-Stripe syndrome at boot-up, which developed shortly after I got the Classic about 3 weeks ago. It will boot once and then if shut down and restarted it won't boot. It freezes up with the striped screen. I read in other forums and eveything pointed to the battery as the culprit. So yesterday I replaced the battery but the problem persists. What else does cause this? The stripes are horizontal
  13. Porter, Thanks. I will try to use that utility and post. thx
  14. I burned the CD-R in Mac OS Standard Format. I was wondering if I have the wrong driver installed? The only driver I found is the 5.3.1 and says it was released with OS 7.5. But I have OS 7.0 installed on my Classic. So I was wondering if it might be a problem with the older OS. But then again, when I get the error message upon boot-up and click eject, the CD-Rom drive ejects the CD-R, which tells me that the Classic must somehow recognize the CD-Rom drive...? Paulo
  15. Thanks for your reply. I already installed the Apple Cd-Rom driver. I downloaded it from macdrivermuseum.com The error message I get on the Classic when I boot it up with the burned CD-Rom in the drive is something like "This disk is in a newer format - OS can't read it" with 2 button options "Eject" and "Initialize" Do I have the wrong CD driver installed or can't OS7.0 simply not read the "Standard Mac OS" format I burned in OSX? Any help greatly appreciated. Thx. Paulo
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