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  1. Hi thanks for your answer. After days of fight I realized that the problem was in the HD configuration. I changed two things, the scsi ID from 1 to 0, and a parameter to start the disk always or just when system call. I'm not an expert in scsi business but now works. Thank you very much
  2. Hi, I've recently repair a LC III macintosh. It had a 500 Mb Quantum Apple disk, but ir doesn't work. I change the disk with an IBM 1 GB. I tried to install several times system 7.5, and I did, but when I shut down the computer, the HD didn't boot up. I have to start up from a diskette and then with LIDO or something similar mount it and then, always that I restart (don't shutdown) the mac start up fine. I try to initialize the HD with LIDO and with tha patched version of the Apple HD util, but no success Please do you have any idea about what to do?? Thanks
  3. Hi guys, I need your help My problem right now it's a "whup-whup" or "flup-flup" noise when the mac is turning on. I'm going to tell you the story I bought a macintosh 512k with a dove MaSnap (scsi and memory) expansion card. I'm an european 220 V user and the Mac Power Supply is 110 V. I use a transformer from 220 to 110 V (I don't remember but I think that has at least 50 W.) When I started the Mac the very first time, there's a kind of horizontal lines, so I went directly to resolder the J1 connector (I've fixed 4 or 5 macs with a similar problem) but there were no succe
  4. Hi, thank you for your fast response, I test several times to power on the 512 changing the SIMMS in the macSnap, try to reinsert the ROM chips, I think that I startup the mac at least 4 or 5 times with no issue. My first problem was when I swap the logic boards. As soon as I get home attach some pictures
  5. Hi, I'm a vintage macs loving and I'm very proud of fix a lot of 8 different classic macs (reading the great books of Larry Pina!!!). I have skills in soldering and I'm learning about electronics by practice. Until now, I have a high degree of success!! until now. I'm the owner of a 512Ke that shows a lot of tiny vertical lines at startup. There's sound, no friendly bong, just something like "grrrrr" no matter. I try to fix it and I saw my first surprise. It has a macsnap 3 memory and scsi expansión cards. The scsi card was free inside the box, no attached to the roms socket.I atached the
  6. Today, when I returned home, the mac works fine, at least for a couple of minutes. I'm going to resolder J1, L2, C1, and the flyback... anything else?
  7. Hi Everybody I'm learning to fix old macs, and this time I work in a very well looking SE. The problema was a tinny brilliant unique vertical line in the middle of the screen. I thought that the problem was the conventional one, related with a bad solder or capacitor in the analog board. Anyway, I dismount the unit and were suprised about the good shape of everything. I completely dismount and when I get to the logic board I saw lot or corrosión around the battery , covering the chasis even. I think that the problem was in the battery, so I clean everything as I can and replace the batter
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