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  1. I tried changing <key>IOPCIMatch</key> <string>0x816910ec</string> to <key>IOPCINameMatch</key> <string>pci10ec,8169</string> But then it won't boot at all. I wonder why that is?
  2. Hello everyone and thank you for the replies so far! @Byrd: The card is Realtek 8169SC chipset and revision R3.1 @trag: I think I found your post last week, I could see that you had the same issue! I'm very sorry to hear, that you didn't find a solution neither @ArmorAlley: I really need a card that works in both OS, for the dual-boot, but thanks anyhow. You are sure that there isn't any Mac OS 9 driver? Here is some more information regarding my problem. Perhaps you can see what the issue is? I will attach photos of: 1) A image of the network settings not finding the eth
  3. Hello, I'm in desperate need of help. I've been working on this issue for about 40 hours now, and I can't solve it! The machine: OS: Mac OS X 10.2 - have also tried with 10.2.8 Beige G3 minitowerr - G3@400mhz - 768MB RAM - ATI Radeon 7000 - Trendnet TEG-PCITXR GigaBit Ethernet card with RTL8169SC chipset. No matter the struggle hour after hour I just can't seem to get Mac OS X 10.2 to recognize the Trendnet card (it works in Mac OS 9) Things i've tried: - Tried with the RTL8169 drivers from realteks website. There is both 10.2 and 10.3 drivers. - Tried with RTL811
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