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  1. A stranger reached out to me via a local Facebook group in my town, because he had seen some of my retro computing posts and wanted to know if I might be interested in a couple of old laptops he was about to have e-waste recycled. Naturally, I said yes, and here’s what I ended up with: a pair of gorgeous mid-1990’s Apple PowerBooks! One is a PowerBook 150 (a bare-bones budget model) which may be lacking its original internal hard drive (the screws are missing from the underside, and there isn’t even a hint of hard drive sound when it’s powered on) but is otherwise in good shape.
  2. Howdy everyone, I've got an eMate 200 + a nicely-specced Apple Newton 2100, and an era-appropriate Mac Performa 575 to sync them with. I'm doing a fun little project for work and it occurred to me that it would be super cool to display the logo of my project on the Newton and/or eMate screen, but I'm not sure how to go about doing this. If I have a simple / small graphic (starting with a JPEG or GIF but I'm flexible here of course), what's a method I could use to get that image displayed on the Newton? Thanks! Huxley
  3. No solid plans at the moment, beyond the following: 1. My son (now ~10.5 years old) has recently started expressing an interest in "hacking," which I believe is heavily informed by age-appropriate adventure shows he's been watching. He's got a vague awareness that "hacking" involves "typing code to unlock stuff" so I'm going to talk him through some simple CLI commands on the HP machine to reset the root password so we can then get past the CDE login window. I think he'll be thrilled to be a "real hacker" for an evening 2. I really want to get NeXTSTEP running on this
  4. Speaking as another Bay Area person, I'm 50/50 split between "insanely jealous" and "insanely happy that you rescued all this stuff!" Well done, and congrats! Please keep posting as you work your way through the haul H.
  5. Oh awesome - thank you, @oldappleguy! I found a PDF of that manual early yesterday but the copy I found was not scanned especially well, and the details were a lot harder to make out - yours is much clearer! Excited to keep making progress with this Huxley
  6. I only picked up the plotter yesterday and other than cleaning it up and having it run through the built-in demo, I haven't connected it to anything yet. I was hoping to figure out what software I'll be using on the Mac before I hook it up, since I need to dig into my Giant Bin o' Cables to find a 25-pin-to-Mac-serial cable
  7. Got it, thanks for the info! I actually spent about 90 minutes last night putzing with MacPlot Professional (the version available on MacintoshGarden), but nothing I did seemed to get it to show up in the Chooser. There's no documentation I've been able to find, so I'm pretty confident that I'm just not dropping the right files in the right places. Are you able to share any info about what you actually did with the contents of the MacPlot disk image that got this working for you? H.
  8. Hey @olePigeon! Hope it's okay that I'm resurrecting this old thread, but I'm curious: did you ever get this plotter 'talking' to a vintage Mac? I don't want to jinx it, but if all goes well I'll be picking up the same model plotter tomorrow and I'm already thinking about which era-appropriate computer(s) I might try to connect it to... EDIT: I missed this previously, but MacintoshGarden has a set of mid-90's drivers for plotters in this series - has anyone here tried these? Huxley
  9. I'm late to this party, but can't move on before adding myself to the list of people eagerly lining up to buy a few of these when they're ready! I've successfully deployed close to half-a-dozen SCSI2SD's now (both internal and external, installed in various Macs and two Amigas), but they're pretty wonky to configure and I'm always worried that I'm one small tweak away from ruining a working configuration. Given that I now own two NeXT machines which will need solid state storage sooner or later, not to mention an SGI, an HP/UX workstation, various other non-upgraded Macs, etc., I'm very excite
  10. Thanks to some extreme good Craigslist luck and a willingness to take a long drive, I’ve now joined a pretty cool club: I’m the owner of an Hewlett Packard PA-RISC 712/100 UNIX workstation! Obviously this is not a classic Mac, but as one of the few "white box" machines that supported NeXTSTEP (apparently done in part to entice HP to consider buying NeXT before Apple gobbled them up), it can be seen as a sort of distant cousin to the Apple family tree... This is a ~$15,000 (in 1995 dollars!) UNIX workstation built around HP's PA-7100LC CPU running at 100MHz. It featured
  11. Huxley


    I have nothing to contribute here, other than my sheer astonishment and delight that a WalkMac is alive and running in 2020. I have vivid memories of reading about this thing in some Mac-centric magazine when I was a kid (maybe a mention or write-up in MacWorld or another magazine of that era), and just being blown away at the idea of using Mac software on a crazy-cool orange plasma display. I'm so happy that this machine has been saved from whatever sad fate presumably befell most of the other WalkMacs that would've existed back in the day. Please keep sharing any further developm
  12. I'm honestly a little torn on this - part of me kinda loves that it has 'battle scars' from 30+ years of use, but then I see pics of some of the Cubes which have been professionally repainted and they look stunning and I start to think that I'll go that direction... I dunno. H.
  13. Thanks to an outstanding package put together by our own @archer174 + amazingly generous encouragement and support from my wife, I'm now the overjoyed, can't-really-believe-his-luck owner of a pair of gorgeous NeXT computers: a NeXT Cube (well, technically a "NeXT Computer" since this one is a very early revision from before they were formally called the Cube), and a NeXT TurboColor workstation. I'll try attaching a couple pics to this thread (always a bit hit-or-miss for me), but tons of detail and additional pics can be found here: https://imgur.com/gallery/ssBpdz0
  14. Hooray, congrats on a fantastic ending to this story! I've had zero hands-on experience with NeXT machines* but I did wonder: as a Unix(ish) machine, would it have been possible to connect to it via Serial and access it via a boot monitor or something like that? I did this for my SGI Indigo2 machine last summer when I wanted to see if it could boot but lacked a compatible sync-on-green monitor to connect it to. I used a Serial-to-USB adapter and was able to see it booting via a Terminal window on my MacBook Pro, which was super helpful. Would this trick work on a NeXT machine too,
  15. Daydreaming today about building THE ULTIMATE SE/30 got me wondering: is there any combination of upgrades and add-ons for the SE/30 which would result in having a CPU upgrade + internal greyscale + internal Ethernet? I feel like many upgraded SE/30's have one or (sometimes) two of those, but is having all three at once (without 'cheating' with something like a SCSI-to-Ethernet box) even possible? Hmmm... Huxley
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