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  1. Is there someone that would be able to populate for a fee
  2. any idea when the new batch of powerbook SCSI2SD will be available? @inertialcomputing
  3. Thanks!, still waiting for it to ship to me. Fingers crossed that I didn't make it all wrong.
  4. 3d printed with PLA just to check for overall size
  5. Is there anyone available that could cheaply print a rough version of the obj file to test for fit? I believe I have all the salient features added now. It could be sent to @LaPorta to test.
  6. More edits, still much work left in the hinges
  7. that would be great! when i get home ill send ya a PM
  8. currently the internal tabs are all too long because ive been eyeballing the calipers indirectly, i need to buy some better calipers that have jaw attachments so i can measure the internal components directly
  9. here's what the buttresses look like when added. still need to add/fix a lot of the inner components and tabs. i wanted to add diagonal struts from the inner cylinder but i keep getting an error so still need to figure that out
  10. Should the support extend the whole width of the lid?
  11. I've been trying to learn Fusion 360 to recreate a lid and add buttresses under the hinge for the 1400c lid. Is there anyone good at Autodesk Fusion that might know how to fix some errors? -I get an error saying the face is too complex whenever i try to fillet any edge -not sure how to wrap the top line cutout to the sides over the curved face--cant use the corners as a guide since they are shaped in two planes -the hinges are tricky geometry, it will take a lot of trial and error to the supports -how can you press pull an image to cut into a surface--it seems it won't let
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