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  1. Thanks so much. You guys are great! Now I've just got to find my Appletalk/Printer cable. So this will work on a USB Mac with a dongle, and OS X can be made to work as well. I like the sound of that. Cool Beans.
  2. Yeah, I know the feeling about not having space. I don't actually have most of those anymore, because of that reason. I did have them all at the same time, for about a year. For the most part, I was only hanging onto them for compatibility with some old software I had collected with them. Currently the only 1 I know I have, is an old 6500/250 tower, and the B&W G3. It was a sad day when I got rid of the AppleIIgs. I had setup my old 7200 using the Microsoft Personal Web Server control panel for my local nework. One of these days I will definitely have to set it back up again.
  3. <| Hey guys. I'm a 23 year old computer software aficionado. I'm especially interested in software for older platforms. Not so much the hardware. Before I get started, does anybody else like the IE5.5 interface on the Mac? After having used that ugly Internet Explorer interface on Windows, using the Mac version was a breath of fresh air. I actually have been running a Mac since sometime in the late 90s, when I aquired a used 7200/75mhz PowerMac, with System 7.5.2. Which I ran along side several old Pentiums, and an e-Machine. After having mastered Windows 3.11, and the Wind
  4. I've got an old Newton Message Pad 110. Model# H0059. I don't have any of the cable that go with it. However, it did function when I originally got it. Anyway, how would I go about connecting this thing to a B&W G3 with OS 9.x, and OSX 10.2.6? I also have an old PowerMac 6500/250 that I can piece back together, which has AppleTalk ports.
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