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  1. Sorry about the lack of updates; I haven't had a lot of time to play with my SE/30. Once you make the SD card you can certainly make a bit backup. I use dd on my MBP but any bit dump will work.
  2. Sure, I'll let you know if it turns out to be a bust. Thanks for the advice.
  3. Great, thanks so much for the info. I'll try to hunt for the real deal. In the meantime I'll at least check to see how I stand with the ones I bought, but it sounds like I can't do much damage popping them in as a temporary measure.
  4. Was just gifted an AppleII+, unfortunately it's missing the CPU for unknown reasons. I'm hoping it's not trash and I'm willing to put in a few bucks to experiment. Is there any guide on picking a 6502 replacement for an AppleII+? I picked up a pair of R65C02P4 processors from eBay because they were particularly cheap but I neglected to check whether they'd be suitable drop-ins. Mouser has the WDC W65C02S6TPG-14 for $10 a pop but shipping to Canada was $20 so I opted not to go with that. Not sure I made a good choice. Can I expect my R65C02P4 to work fairly well, or should I be plan
  5. OK I actually found a SCSITools.img somewhere on the internet a few days back which appears to be a bootable 7.5.3 SCSI2SD image and dd'd that to my SD card and everything seems to be working now. I'm not particularly sure why my steps didn't work unless there's fundamentally something wrong with the HFSFromScratch writeup. Since I want to put together a disk image with both Sys6 and Sys7 I'm going to try to use this SCSITools.img to piece together another working image with two 1.5GB partitions since I'm working with a 4GB card. I'll try to document it in case anyone has the same issues.
  6. Ordered a FloppyEmu so I can boot a HD tool on my SE/30 -- by the time I buy a real floppy drive and diskettes I'm halfway to the cost of one anyway. In the meantime, is there a chance that someone could post a disk image of their SD card and their SCSI2SD settings? I have been trying just about everything to get a bootable image working but I'm lost. If the FloppyEmu shows up first I'll do it the old fashioned way
  7. Yeah, I've broken down and I'm trying to put together a beater computer with a floppy drive and SCSI card. Hopefully it's fairly easy to make a boot floppy using Linux or something like that. Thanks for the advice, I'll update once I've got something positive
  8. Quick update: Found http://www.codesrc.com/mediawiki/index.php?title=HFSFromScratchand managed to install 7.5.3 using BasiliskII on a 1.9GB image (I'm using a 4GB SD card, it's literally the smallest I could find). BasiliskII seems to boot well enough off this image. I then created the +96 sector final image, partitioned it (though the writeup seems to be a little wonky, when I downloaded and compiled hfdisk it didn't have some of the features I see, and also the examples that are given on that pare are inconsistent (at one point he creates a partition called Mac_Volume but then when he p
  9. Hey guys and gals, So I bit the bullet and bought a SCSI2SD after the original disk in my SE/30 died. I'm trying to find some information on how to do a clean installation but to be honest I'm coming up empty. There seems to be a lot of information about getting everything set up if you've already got a spinning disk and bootable SE/30 or second Mac available, but unfortunately the only machines I have at my disposal are my MacBook Pro and Windows desktop. Neither machine can write floppies, and even if it could I think the floppy disk on my SE/30 is inoperable. Any suggestions
  10. There's nothing super critical on the drive. Most of it is software I can get online. I have nothing left to lose so I'll crack the case tomorrow. Just wanted to run it past you guys and gals first Thanks again!
  11. Hey guys, I have a feeling I already know the disk is dead, but my SE/30, freshly recapped, isn't booting. Just getting the ? icon. Disk spins up and light flashes, but nothing. Took the disk out and connected it to a PC with an Adaptec 2940. The SCSI BIOS disk scan doesn't see the drive at all (it will see another SCSI drive if plugged in). There's nothing special about the Apple disk that would render it undetectable to an Adaptec SCSI bios, right? If that's the case then I think the disk is thoroughly pooched, which is a shame since I didn't get a chance to get data off it. Jus
  12. Not going to lie, have no idea. I'm going to guess it's unlikely
  13. Thanks everyone! Right now the machine itself is sitting on my coffee table while I find a torx driver long enough to pull the cover. I'm getting antsy thinking about the PRAM battery so that'll definitely be the first thing that goes. I'll probably also end up doing a few mods to quiet her down. SCSI to SD adapter, maybe a fan swap. But even before that I need to figure out a good way to get data on the SE.. Probably something about running an older OSX VM on my MacBook and picking up a USB Floppy drive. Who knows
  14. I've been wanting a vintage box for quite a while but I never had the patience to scour eBay for deals. I was pretty sure I'd always end up with an SE/30 so that's all I've ever really searched for, though only half-heartedly. On a fluke I happened to check Craigslist on Monday and found someone unloading one in what looked to be pristine condition for $50. Picked her up today and I could not have been more pleased with the state the SE/30 was in. Absolutely zero scratches, zero dings or nicks. A little sticker residue that a Mr. Clean magic eraser made VERY short work of. Keyboar
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