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  1. PM'd you my address info, olePigeon; looking forward to receiving the bezel! Thanks again //mdent23
  2. Very cool, though thanks to olePigeon I am expecting a new front bezel now which I will chemically treat to remove any yellowing and get the color match to the back rear case as close as possible. Will keep you all posted with results! // mdent23
  3. olePigeon that would be amazing!! The seller treated the plastic to remove yellowing and gave me the recipe so I should have no problem matching it! Just let me know how I should send my info and we can talk details. Thank you -mdent23
  4. Hello all, I wanted to hear your thoughts on this; I recently acquired a recapped SE/30 (which as of this past weekend is now using a CF card for solid state storage and super-fast startup!) The machine is beautiful, but what has proven a mixed blessing is the damage to the plastic of the front casing that occurred during shipping (I say this because I ended up getting the machine for free via UPS shipping insurance due to the damage and an unseated ROM SIMM which caused SimasiMac) To cut to the chase: Has anyone had any experience repaired cracked or broken off plastic on thes
  5. Paralel, if this is the case, could it have contributed to the reason that the Quantum drive failed?? The seller noted stiction in the hard disk when I bought the machine; I cracked the case open to check for the notorious disintegrating rubber loops that the head will stick to but they were in great shape! Incredible if it was electrical interference that wasn't allowing the disk to function properly. Probably best practice to run the machine with the terminator attached for the time being, no? I'm glad too, takimoto. Lightning fast now too. Boots 7.0.1 in 8 SECONDS!!!
  6. Excited to have CF storage working on my SE/30; now it's on to Ethernet... : )

  7. Hello again All, SUCCESS!!! I can finally breathe easy after a couple months of fingernail-biting Mac-life-support-limbo... I will detail the solution below for anyone interested, hopefully this will help others with CF card issues in the future as well. (LINKS marked throughout and included at the end for reference) TL;DR Ensure that you have an active terminator installed on the external SCSI port before attempting to format a CF card with Lido 7. Ensure your jumper settings on the SCSI > CF adapter are set to ID=0 and on-board Active Termination=ON for internal use (on artmi
  8. Thank you for your input Elfen. I think this was just a misspell on the part of takimoto. I did indeed buy a 4 GB "SanDisk" card from Amazon ( SanDisk Extreme CompactFlash 4 GB Memory Card 40MB/s SDCFX-004G-X46 ) so I can assure you it is genuine. As of yesterday I have solved this issue (which I will detail in my next post below), making for one of the happiest weekends involving computer repair in my life // mdent23
  9. Bought the terminator. Will keep you all posted with results. // mdent23
  10. You're talking about a DB-25 male connector, correct? I found this: http://bit.ly/1XFp6UY If appropriate, I will buy it and give it a shot.
  11. UPDATE: I was able to create a 6.0.8 + Lido boot disk with no problem. Now I am encountering an error when running Lido to format/partition the CF card, to the effect of "Arbitration failed! Check all SCSI device connections and terminations). I have ensured that the cable is properly connected to the board and the RaizinMonster. By default, the jumper settings of the RaizinMonster give it ID 0 and Termination ON. Not sure what I have to do at this point to allow Lido to see the device? Welcoming your thoughts...
  12. Thank you all for your help. I did some digging in the meantime and found a device called Mac ROM-inator II (http://www.bigmessowires.com/mac-rom-inator-ii/) that allows the SE/30 to boot from a custom ROM chip, thereby allowing me to use floppies, since the FD wouldn't be occupied by a boot disk. Just purchased it yesterday though, so while I'm waiting for it to arrive I will attempt the solutions mentioned above. BadGoldEagle, thank you for the image file. Immensely helpful. takimoto, it is a SanDisk card, however it is a 4 GB card so I will be careful with partition size since any
  13. Trying to get my SE/30 back to tip-top shape : /

  14. Hello all, I acquired a recapped SE/30 about a year ago. All was well until early this year when the notorious Quantum hard disk failed. The machine shipped with System 6.0.8 and before this failure I had already purchased a USB floppy drive and floppies to create install disks (using a TiBook with Tiger so I can format and write images / files with Mac OS Standard formatting). I successfully upgraded to System 7.0.1; shortly after this, the drive failed. Once this happened, I bought a RaizinMonster (CF to SCSI adapter) from artmix and a 4 GB SanDisk Extreme CF card. My dilemma is that
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