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  1. Wasn't sure wher to put this,Maby a few of you may rembemer using these programs,hope this link works. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1fKAbOv-Ceqc28Flj0J1kW_NQ8OPdeKFb just looked at this gallery,an there's a few missing,ill add them back. cheers
  2. Just did a big clean out,found my Daystar,it's 030 not the 40.i don't have a Mac to put it in know.ijust kept most of the real rare stuff. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B_XLzl2bU7cdVmpGaTZvNVc2bEk
  3. Could be addressing issue,is it set to -0 or -1 or some other number? an partition size may be it.the Plus was fussy about that. SYS folder should to be on -0- ID drive to boot I think.other members will have better input than me iam sure,good luck.
  4. I have one,it's hooked to my 8600/AV with a 450 Sonnet in it,just gave away 3 working ones,I rembemer working on those,they We're real fussy an a pain in the hass!,you had to have just the right combo of extension in the sys folder,or they wouldn't work An it would just look dead,a lot were just put the side think there were dead,but in fact they just needed the right software an They worked amazing in there time,ITunes 2 sounds good on that display,the update model was the Applevision 750 AV I think. Hope you enjoy your Apple vision1710AV as much as I have mine the last 20 years.theres
  5. Tam 400

    Vintage 200

    25 Years worth,Some the pics were taken with an early Digital camera in the 90s. Enjoy
  6. Hey,pulled out my 660AVs an took a look,well they were empty,no ram an no Rom,I've bin looking at a lot of this stuff lately,old times an do rembemer that the norm! Was if it fit in the slot it should work,But! Didn't all ways work,some were fusse than others. Depending on SYS an what hard ware was in it,displays were the worst to try to configure.256K VRAM was pretty much standard in that day.i have a box full of it still.and all so!!! Thanks for asking me to look at those Macs,in be hind them was a Colour Classic I guess I stashed away,got to pull it out an take a look.so to answer your Q I
  7. Yep,I've got 2 handy ,my 700 an 840av Quadra are put away,I will pull 840 out an check. Cheers
  8. I have both,I could check for you,I do rember ?somthing a little different about the 840s Rom,I've all so got a box full of rom/ram for Those Macs.The 660 was my first AV Mac an did a lot with they Pizza box.ill look an post back. Cheers
  9. When I got them,---3 in all' they were all locked,I have one running nicely on Tiger.took me forever to fix it an I don't want to go through That again,taking it apart.? now here's a crazy idea,isn't the CD drive on the same Buss as the start up drive-00?make a patch cable from the CD drive socket to a external IDE Drive,ID that drive--01 with a SYS on it'an see if it will start up on that.just an Idea? It's not impossible to fix,just don't want to take it apart,I remember to well the Clam.
  10. Watched the vid,sounds like the drive spins up,your read heads are hunting! an then sounds like it stops.i would try the Power Supply Like other member said,maby? from a external hard drive case,just un plug the SE30 Power Supply,you don't even have to take the drive out of the SE.pull apart the external hard drive case,there should be a Power plug in there just like the one on the hard drive in the SE30.just plug it in to the SE drive,power it up, if the drive spins up an boots the Mac,then check the PSU in the SE ,if it does the same thing as I'd did befor, then I would look at the hard dri
  11. Ok that's where iam at know,was in to the Ram last night,2x screws an that's not to bad.replaced it with a different stick,but the same size.The Clam is fun to get at the drive,hope I don't have to open it up.Thanks guys
  12. Thanks guys,Elfen right,it's only got a CD drive,an USB.ive got 10.3 on CD and I can't get past the locked screen,if I just boot it I get a Mac Face folder,,then, flashing to the ? Mark.it chimes on start but it's some kind of security software I've never come across befor. Looked at a post about this,it said to Zap pram,it won't even let me do that.what about USB start up,any one ever try that befor. Thanks again
  13. I've got 2 tangerine IBooks that are locked at start up,any one ever deal with this.will not boot to CD. I believe there Panther on them.Thanks all https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B_XLzl2bU7cdaWdIUlVmOUNRdXM
  14. Heres what your looking for,i think https://68kmla.org/forums/index.php?/gallery/image/785-mac-plus/
  15. Tam 400

    512 Port

    Thanks Elfen Ive bin pulling out a few things lately,this is one of them,all so 2X 5-1/4 drives, some 400/800k drives and some 400k disk,Games,apps Wow dont even no what i have any moor.i no there was a cuppl. 7" drives that came with that 512 an a bunch of other stuff in that hall,gonna have to take a peek in side the 512,befor i power it up.keep u posted
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