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  1. Yes i plastic wrapped all mine, just painted the hair bleach 40% On, wrapped it and turned it every 30 minutes in the garden. Re applied if it had dried out and left outside between 3-6 hours depending on the sun (I'm in the uk so not much of that lol) looks great still after a few years.
  2. I’ll add a few comments too although similar to some others. 1.) mine also has a bit blueish tint but i really like the display, the blacks are very black and the cool tints makes it easy to work on for hours. 2.) mine came with 7.1 but i soon upgraded it to 7.5.5 as the later version was just easier for networking and getting it online and i still find it quick on 7.5.5 especially if you upgrade your ram. I popped in 128mb like many others and can now use the latest software titles happily. so given your dropping out issue goto 7.5.5 i do have a BMOW simm but
  3. I believe some of the cards did have the RJ45 part as an optional extra as it wasn’t a standard back then so maybe you have one of those. Mine doesn’t even have an RJ45 connector I needed to use a twisted pair transceiver to convert the 15 pin connector to RJ45. Beyond that it is only half duplexing too so it wouldn’t work on my fibre broadband without a separate switch box and I didn’t see the switch on the rusty back plate so It took me 6 months to actually get Mine networked and online. It wasn’t an easy task for a novice like me if it wasn’t for the guys on here I probably would never got
  4. On the nic is there a switch? on the back
  5. Lol same I’m using zoom for work standups and meetings. Went out food shopping today first time in a week and it was weird to be honest and very quiet, everyone 2 metres apart and only a handful of people allowed in. Hopefully means more time on my hobbie machines and some gardening too
  6. I use photoshop 4 on my se/30 as i have the usual 128mb, 24 rom and quicker hard drive etc but it really is pretty useless on that tiny black and white screen but funny trying so yes your duel screen and 256 grey scale is a huge leap up from standard so mighty impressive to me. We’re in lockdown in the uk so yes if you’re similar to us yes plenty of time over the next few months lol let me know how you get on
  7. Are you selling these Bolle and the adaptors or is this still a project
  8. That sounds like an awesome project Bolle, I’m impressed with your ingenuity
  9. i have an ethernet card too. I would love an accelerator as well. Not heard about the socketed powercache. Interesting i would be happy with 33mhz upgrade
  10. In the picture the diimo has a pass though which looks useful for popping 2 cards in. thats the only problem with the se/30’s 1 slot configuration. Seems like you’ve done an amazing job.
  11. Wow have i missed something, are you making accelerated cards now?
  12. Mine works fine with 7.5.5 so i would say extensions as well
  13. I have no idea where you’d find those chips!!! they must be as rare as rocking horse poop. Good work guys, really impressive given the issue.
  14. Thats amazing work bolle! So glad you’ve got your card working too
  15. That is a real nice setup, i like doing desk top publishing on my SE/30 (because i can) and that real estate would make photoshop so much easier. I’ll look out for one of those.
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