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  1. Ok I'll do it. thank U to all.
  2. Mmm could be a problem on the output jack... interesting theory i’ll check. Btw yes i’ll change the caps but with same type, have you got some links for kits? I live in italy btw. i usually use a jbc 40s with a 0,5 point, it’s a good classic solder i think it should be good for the task, or i need a solder station? Should i remove the old caps gently with plyers or there are better ways to detach/desolder them from the board? Sorry for my english, as i told i’m italian. Thank u for your kind info! P.s. i read somewhere bad caps can cause a little down of the volume but not cuttin
  3. No, never recapped, psu never recapped, caps are all good lookin'. I don't know if there's corrosion under the chips but they all look very good, the only lookin bad is J22 in the photo. where's the sound chip on the lc 475? and why the output jack is still workin? it sounds strange to me...
  4. Hello, my lc 475 internal speaker stopped workin after a pair of up and down and cutting volume noises. the output jack works well and I can use it with my vintage creative but I'm scared of this, I love my lc and I want to be 100% functional. I tried the speaker through a sound output and it's good, I suspect a corrosion in one of the two small chips you can see in the photos. The strange thing is that it seems to be an old corrosion and there's no leaking fluid out from the nearby cap or traces on the board....I tried to clean the pins with some alcol but no result, all I can hear is a
  5. yeah from 7.x is not a problem, just like osX
  6. Finally i installed for a period a quantum fireball se with 2 gig partition. i wasn' t satisfied cause it was very noisy plus i prefer original machines so i found another 40 meg quantum from another se. Now i'd like to use the the quantum fireball se as external hard drive to use with my lc and se. problem is that i've got no cables or enclosures. possible cheap solutions? find an old enclosure like rodime or what?..
  7. It's all built in the download that slomacuser posted. you can only interact in the control panel and this will change only the boot disk icon. it' s simpler to use it than explain it. just put the icon master control panel in system folder, reboot and than try it .to modify default icons you've got to modify pixel per pixel and save it. there's a screen from minivmac
  8. screenshot of my SE with icon a little modified by me
  9. Ok on real Se it works perfectly. Made my day thanx a lot!!!
  10. i know it's a good way but i don' t want to erase disk and reinstall. if u only change icon with lido under 6x without formatting the changes can't bee seen. can be seen only under 7x
  11. thank U very much for the info! tried under 6.0.7 in minivmac it doesn't work after restart i'm gonna try on real SE 6.0.7 to see if it works
  12. there' s some way to do this in system 6? some trick or third part app? i'd like to change hd icon like I do in system 7
  13. ok so i have wrong adapter and wrong hard disk! very well thank you very much for your replies 'cause i was going to buy a np but cheaper than that i posted. ok stop,i'm tired i won't buy anything. i'm going to find a 50 pin bigger than the original that now is really dead it'll not be simple cause they're not cheap and also aged... hope to have luck. thank you all!
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