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  1. I can't get my 5.0a to work. Bought it a few years ago, never had the time to tinker with it. I installed the latest firmware using Linux. It worked, i can save and read the options. However, as soon as there is a CF card inside, it freezes scsi2sd-util. Is this supposed to happen? Eject the CD card, scsi2sd-util works. Insert it, scsi2sd-util freezes. Bought another SD card to be sure, it's the same. Both SD cards work fine in a RPi. Mounted the SCSI2SD into my Quadra 700 anyways, without luck. Tried my Quadra 650, no luck either. Using Lido i c
  2. Unboxing is a dude getting stuff out of a box, right? Strangely that never did anything for me. Great conquest, a lucky one too.
  3. No doubt, it's video. But nothing happens at the output. I guess i have the wrong display (1280x1024 HP TFT from about 2004).
  4. Naturally. Anyways, this is really one of the coolest Macs a collector can have. Lucky you.
  5. Ok, i just took another look. The space where i though a FPU might fit? Fits exactly on the 68000 of the classic. At first i thought nothing of it, but it might be that the pins of the empty connector make contact with the pins of the 68000. However, it doesn't look very exact, i would at least have expected some screws or so, so that the card always has good contact. Do you think the empty slot seen in picture 5 of the first post could make reliable contact with the 68000 pins? Would that even make sense? Or is it just so that the card is in the right position for the small power connecto
  6. The board is connected to J10, pad 15 (leads to R94 and R95, which i then lost under the sound chip), 13 (leads to C55), and 11/10 (which i believe is ground). Yes, it's a video card, the 4 VRAMs are HM53461ZP-10 with 24 pins. Each has 64k words, each word is 4 bit. So i have 256k 4bit words or 128kByte for all four VRAMs. Asuming portrait display resolution (640x870), i have 556800 pixels. Then it's not enough space for greyscales in the VRAM, so each pixel is either on or off.
  7. I wonder if the clear case SE yellows. Would be a shame.
  8. I found this old listing on Ebay, it appears to have similar parts, except that i have 5 instead of 9 chips (but i only have one output connector) and i don't have a ROM chip (but no Nubus either, so that might explain that): http://www.ebay.com/itm/Apple-Mac-II-Video-Card-NuBus-Extremely-Rare-Gray-Scale-Card-Tested-Working-/390571588407?nma=true&si=inQysCrgVRoVQf1%252FBzvJk6eEFr4%253D&orig_cvip=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557 So yes, it's probably a video card. But i doubt a daughter card is needed. I may be needing a portrait display . And it still bugs me that
  9. Depends on when. It can be 2 and a half hours or it can be 5 hours drive one way. This ain't Texas, cowboy. If i have to drive such a way, i usually consider using trains. That way i can work, read or sleep and sometimes it's even cheaper. I pay 1.60 € per litre gasoline. That's roughly $8 per gallon if i got it right, about double that of the prices in the US. Even if trains aren't really cheap by itself, they are often cheaper than using cars. Anyways, it didn't work out and that is that.
  10. I swear to you, i tried this query with google yesterday: "MODAM" "Memory Plus" It always resulted in modem stuff. But today it results in real results that are relevant to MODAM, 68kmla is the first result. Strange. Anyways, In the box was a cable with what looks like a VGA or Serial port on one end and the 8 pin connector on the other end. I didn't think anything of it, because it was in a ball of other cables, but it fits! So here is my theory, it's not a card for graphics, because there are only three traces that connect the board to the motherboard. The other graphics
  11. It could have been something airmailable, a cable, a card, a CD, the seller is willing to ship within Europe. But it's not that, it's a compact Mac, the seller doesn't ship and i don't drive that far. macman142 seems to be able to live with it. You should too.
  12. There it is: Any ideas what this part does?
  13. So, i was just looking into that old and beaten Classic i had in a box for what seems like years. Caps are leaked, green muck on the traces, it still starts, but without sound. The hardware is pretty much the usual, memory expansion to 4 MB and a hard disk. And i found this: The daughterboard is connected with that white thing at the top. Which looks like that from the side, only three traced connections really: This is the top view, sorry for the bad picture: The chip has nothing on it, except this sticker: The bottom view has an empty socket. I would s
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