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  1. Sorry for any confusion. I have also tried to boot the floppy disks without the Zip drive connected. So I took that out of the equation. The Zip disk has been formatted into 4 (32MB) ProDos partitions, but is currently blank. The goal is to eventually install GS/OS on there. Therefore there is either a problem with the disk images I'm using, or the way they are being written. I found the archive of older Apple downloads, so I'm going to download those files (they are in sea.bin format), and see if I have better luck from those. I'll report back tonight with an update. If all else fail
  2. Hello everyone, I setup my IIGS (ROM 1 with an accelerator, SCSI, and RAM card) last night along with my PowerBook G3 (Mac OS 8.6). I was able to make a floppy of the Apple SCSI Utilities disk on the PowerBook and boot the IIGS up from the floppy to successfully format a Zip 100 disk as a hard drive. My next step was trying to make System 6 (GS/OS) disks to install it on the Zip disk. I used the Apple Legacy Recovery CD in my PowerBook to access the GS/OS disk images. But when I tried to make floppies every other disk image failed! (Using DiskCopy 6.3.3) Eventually I was able to ma
  3. Well I took this out of storage again to play with it. Still no luck. Cleaned the floppy drive head but no luck. Also doesn't explain why a known-good external drive won't work. However... I was reading online someone had a similar issue. The problem was the IWM chip (Integrated Wozniak Machine) which apparently controls the floppy disk drive. That could be why the system always thinks there is no disk drive is installed. I'll keep my eye out at yard sales for a spare IIc or IIc plus. I'd love to have a working one, I have a stack of floppies just waiting to play with... I do have a w
  4. Yes it was either Netscape 2 or 3. I was using IE 2.1 but that stopped working and this seemed to load things nicer as well.
  5. Wow, thanks for all the posts!! I have tried to have a disk inside the IIc when I turn on the system. I even tried some external drives (which work fine on my IIGS), nothing seems to work. I'm sort of at a loss here, my hope is to one day pickup an Apple IIc Plus one day, but for now I want to try and get this one working. Even though the above posts aren't directly related to my original issue, this makes me excited again to work on my IIc. I'll ask my parents to bring out my Apple IIc, I'm really interesting in playing with it now that I have some more information. I hope I can g
  6. Thanks for the Control-Reset tip! I would have never gotten anywhere without it. Well I ordered a ROM chip online from the previous eBay link I mentioned. I installed the chip and the system works. I can use the Color Checkerboard test and it says "SYSTEM OK". Now my problem is still booting to a disk drive. With the internal drive plugged in it gives me a 'CHECK DISK DRIVE' message. If I remove the internal drive I can't seem to boot to my external 5 1/4 drive. (Which works fine on my IIGS). I tried turning on my system, it hangs, so I press Control-Reset, then I try typing PR#5 and m
  7. Hi David, It returned 255. After I did that the TV screen went fuzzy and turned black. I tried to reboot the machine and the floppy drive once again has stopped working. I wonder what is wrong with the machine. I'm certainly curious. Before typing the command it seemed to be okay aside from the floppy drive. I'll try reseating some chips, although I didn't get to doing that previously before it "fixed" itself. Maybe I'll focus on the disk drive... if the IIc boots again that is. Thanks for your help, I'd love to play around with this machine and use the Joystick and Ms. Pac-Man dis
  8. Well I disconnected the disk drive and the keyboard. Plugged it back in and - BAM it booted up!! Now it just says "Check Disk Drive" for the internal drive. Then I plugged in a IIGS external drive I had. It doesn't seem to read the disk either, although the light blinks. However after reading this article: http://support.apple.com/kb/TA27890 It may not support a Unidisk drive. The external drive I'm using is an "Apple 5.25 Drive" Model A9M0107 - do I need a ROM upgrade? Blah... I just wanted to try Ms. Pac-Man that my IIgs was able to play. Any thoughts?
  9. Thanks for the idea, I'll do just that - open it up and see if anything is loose. Thanks!
  10. Im not too familiar with Apple II items but here it goes. So I got this Apple IIc machine years back from a flea market for I think $10 or so. It had no power cord, just the other day my friend sent me one to try. So I plug in the AC adapter and - well the power light goes on, but that about it. No beeps, no noises, not even from the built in disk drive. No flashing of the red "Disk Use" light either. I can't even get video out. Tried hooking it up via an RF cable (Same as I use for my Atari and NES) but no video even on channels 2, 3, or 4. Also tried an Apple II RF modulator adapter with
  11. Well I sold the machine for the same price I paid, so that person is going to play with it now. I was honest and explained the problems to the best of my knowledge. Thanks for the help!
  12. Post some photos! I'd love to go take a look to see what he has, but it's a 2 hour drive and you probably picked up the best stuff so far. I emailed him asking what he had left (from the CL ad), I got a sort of odd response. The person was referring to a Jeff and said that they will be going back over there later. I suppose maybe somebody posted the ad for someone else... Anyway congrats on your conquest! I hope you found some good stuff, would love to see some pics!
  13. I have the TechStep software if you're in need of it. This disk is hard to track down so... here you go! http://www.megaupload.com/?d=629DJYOQ If the link dies PM me or email me, I'll respond fast. -Steve
  14. I just got one of these and I'd love to have the software also. Thanks!
  15. Hello everyone, So I just did a fresh install of Mac OS 9.2 on my PowerBook G3. I plugged in a LaserWriter 360 I have got recently. I connected the serial cable and selected "Printer Port" in Chooser (even though the PowerBook only has one port) and selected the LW 300 driver. (I tried selecting LaserWriter 8 but it does not list any PostScript printers) Well Mac OS 9 says it can't communicate to the printer. Everything is turned on, am I missing something? I didn't see any drivers to download online, from what I've read it should be installed in OS 9. Is the Chooser printer/driver I s
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