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  1. Most likely was used as an office computer at Apple at some point that could have entered the general resale market through a number of means.


    One of the Apple employees I purchased some prototypes from had told me (in his building at least) that when the office was done with Macs that were used in the office that they would just leave them out in the "trash" for employees to take if they wanted them. He picked up an IIci with similar expensed equipment tags in ~1994 this way.


    In any case a very cool find!

  2. 12 hours ago, jonpurdy said:

    That is wild! Were you able to verify if the prototype Blackbird have a 68040 CPU?

    Looks like the screen is the usual 640x480 panel from the rest of the 500-series; is it the same grayscale screen as the 520?

    Thanks Jon! I think it's a plain LC040 but I can't see the screen well enough, unfortunately. It does seem to be the exact same panel as the stock 520 but I haven't cracked it open to be sure just yet.


    8 hours ago, CC_333 said:

    I think I have an extra 520c LCD somewhere, if you want to upgrade it to color?


    Also bear in mind that many of these older LCDs need to be recapped too, and doing that might bring it back to life (unless there's lines and stuff, which would indicate other trouble).



    I'll probably want to keep it the way it is since it is a prototype, thanks though C! 


    That's what I figured - I haven't seen a cap reference but I'll probably try and find one soon. I have a spare working 520 screen in any case.

  3. So I visited a local ewaste plant recommended to me by @olePigeon - thank you again! Unfortunately a lot of their vintage Apple stuff had Maxell bombs or was water damaged, but there's a lot of salvageable stuff.


    For $350 I picked up:

    3 IIcis


    Amdek composite monitor

    Duo Disk

    2 early Disk II drives with rainbow cord

    Duo Dock with a really rough looking Duo 230 stuck inside

    PB 520 with PCMCIA revA card cage

    17" vintage Sony Trinitron CRT


    Examining the 520 - I thought it was normal (nothing crazy with it on the outside), but I turned it over when I got home and saw:




    The LCD is unfortunately dying but the HD is still there and I can barely read the contents - it does have some info from the old owner (Apple employee). Very happy to add this to my collection to say the least =)

  4. Been going pretty crazy with YAJ/Buyee purchases lately, whoops. Some of the cooler things I've gotten (paid a lot for the DiiMO upgrade but I had wanted one for years)g0J5tws.thumb.jpg.a88383b8ca2185c2cd3089b978dd0208.jpg


    The Interware upgrade is sealed inside.



    Also bought a nice looking Nextstation Mono from @archer174 (along with an SE in an SE case and 12" RGB), it was great meeting you!


    Also visited the Apple engineer who I got the Newton stuff/PB 100, bought a nice looking PB G3 Lombard and another LC. The LC is standard but it had a Dynacomp power supply with an orange "Not approved by the FCC label" (the story behind that was that component engineering at Apple would get a lot of prototype/engineering sample Mac power supplies/analog boards/crts/etc. and people in the group were allowed to take the unneeded parts if they needed to repair their personal Macs). 



    I recapped the LC board (the prototype PSU is dead and needs a recap) and it's been working great. The other neat thing is that it has some 4mb simms he built out of repurposed 256kb simms.



    Besides the computers, I also picked up some other small parts, including copies of various Apple schematics.


    Finally, I picked up about 12 50pin scsi drives off of a local CL seller as well. Always good to have some spare drives!

  5. 8 hours ago, Bolle said:

    I think I experienced something similar before. Are the chimes also pitched up?

    Can't remember what the exact solution was, but I'd start poking around the ASC and check if all data and address lines are connected.

    Usually the machine might also crash when it performs a read from the ASC and one of those signals is not connected.


    Also check if Y3 actually outputs a strong and healthy signal. I had a board where the crystal had been damaged by cap goo and only output a very faint signal which resulted in dodgy sound.

    Yeah, they're also pitched up. Occasionally the chimes also glitch out completely (random tones)


    I forgot to mention, when booting from my test HD the board would sometimes bomb due to lack of available memory to load any given extension or system file (seemingly random)


    I'll have to check the lines later, thanks @Bolle

  6. So I'm repairing another forum member's SE/30 motherboard. Previously it didn't chime at all and would stay stuck on a grey screen.


    After the recap, it works - somewhat.


    It always chimes (boot/death chime) at a very fast rate - probably like 2x-3x the normal speed. Sometimes, it death chimes at a grey screen, other times I've gotten it to boot off an HD (it sometimes hangs on the Welcome to Macintosh screen - the HD is known good). No other sounds work. 


    I've read up on other death chime issues with the SE/30 but I'm not sure what the fast chimes could mean, or why only these chimes are the only functional sound.


    I've reseated the socketed ROM chips and swapped out ROM/RAM with known good ones.


    Thanks so much!



  7. On 8/4/2020 at 10:30 AM, Byrd said:

    I'm sceptical but possibly ... dodgy PSU could be the cause - there are lots of reports of "blacklit screens" on many PB100s

    Yeah, my recapped original PB 100 PSU would never work right with any of my PB 100s that had the fuse fix applied from the factory. Even on the ones I have without the fix it would work, but there would be odd issues such as the screen flickering when I pressed a keyboard key. I think it's likely a semiconductor in the psu that's the problem.

  8. Messed with the Newtons further, the two DVT units in the first picture of them have an unreleased Newton OS (1.4). Took some more pictures of some of the units here:





    Also took a look at the schematics I got - some ADB related schematics (including the schematics for the Apple Keyboard and Keyboard II) and schematics for the 256/512k VRAM SIMMS, among others. I'll upload them hopefully soon.

  9. Big news...


    Picked up a PowerBook 100 system from CL a week or so ago, recapped everything and fixed the HD as usual and it works great. 


    It turns out that the guy who sold me the PB worked for component engineering for Apple for a while on quite a few projects, including the Newton 1xx series. He sold me the rest of his Newton stuff, including his prototypes.




    There were 9 Newtons in total that all were apparently used in the dev process but these are the most notable ones. The clear Newton has a normal front as he swapped the front out (his preference)

  10. So I picked up a dual SE FDHD with a Total Systems Mercury upgrade (16 MHz 030), and it's having a weird set of problems. 


    The original motherboard came to me with a shot SCSI bus so for now I decided to move the FDHD roms and upgrade to another SE board I had here. 


    Right now, there are the following issues:

    -The 16 MHz '030 is recognized as a 16 MHz '020 by Tattletech/Techtool/etc..

    -Both versions of Gemstart don't want anything to do with the board (they act as if no card was installed at all)

    -The card has a 68882 FPU installed (not original to the card but it was installed by the previous owner) but it isn't recognized. Of note the FPU is a 25 MHz chip but the one provided by Total Systems with this upgrade was a 20 MHz.


    I haven't tried the Mercury upgrade in another SE just yet.


    Hoping someone else has one of these upgrades as well!



  11. For those wondering, I found the issue - it was the adapter. The PB 100 boots great from my PB 150's "low power" adapter. Guess one of the ICs in my recapped adapter went bad - this PB has an additional fuse fix from the factory so it could be drawing more power.

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