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    SE + MPW?

    So I got my working SE (THANKS!) Whooo hoo. I am loving it to pieces. I want to get MPW going. I want to stick with System 6. Is there a version of MPW for 6 that would run on my SE?
  2. Yes i'm very excited to get an SE from an enthusiast. I'm going to have fun with the SE until I find myself not playing with it much. I think after that I am going to move up to a Mac II to start having fun with add on cards. Maybe a vintage mac per year. haha.
  3. Yeah. Ebay has sent me a free shipping label.
  4. Yeah I would but I'm returning it on Ebay. $187 for an SE FDHD that is smashed up is a little steep, and I'd rather get my $ back at this point. My goal is just to be able to use Floppy Emu and run some of my old favorites (Shadowgate, try out some older OS's, etc). Part of me would love a Mac II with 1.44mb drive as an alternative. I'd rather just have something that works.
  5. Wow so many sad shipping experiences. Now I need to find a working SE with a superdrive.
  6. It arrived. It arrived all smashed to bits though. They packed it so poorly. Very sad. I gotta find another SE FDHD and get a refund too. !]'>
  7. How trustworthy is a hard drive from one of these? It looks like it boots. Should I consider it not worth using?
  8. Hello! I have an SE FDHD that looks like it's good and working that's coming in on Friday. (Sad thing is I'm leaving on a plane tomorrow, so gotta wait to play with it) My goal this week was to get a brand new Mac Mini (the top configuration at the brick-and-mortar Apple store) and a retro Mac SE. I grew up on Macs, and my family owned just about every Mac imaginable. I recall having a Plus, LC, SE30, IIsi, etc, but never an SE FDHD. I love the appeal of the Plus, but wanted the 1.44mb floppy capability for use with the BMOW emulator. I purchased the floppy emulator sold at Big M
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