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  1. I can speak firsthand about the iBook G4 being unreliable. I had one for a little over two years and was almost relieved when it stopped working. It wasn't a GPU on that but instead a combination of issues. The 30GB Toshiba hard drive died, the computer ran hot all the time, the original battery lasted only a year, and the white case stained a ton. IMO these computers also don't have anything too unique about them when compared to either their predecessors in the clamshells or their contemporaries, the G4 PowerBooks. Plus, OS 9 is supported on a lot of G4 PowerBooks, which give mor
  2. For INITs themselves...placing a character at the beginning of their name will force them to load first if order is important, although I get a feeling what you're looking for is somewhat different than a garden variety INIT placed in a System Folder.
  3. They used them even later than that...I have an iMac G4 I really need to open up sometime; it's been in storage for a few years and I know it's only on its second battery...
  4. You'll also have to re-cap the power supply. I recommend re-capping both the logic board and power supply, which should solve your problems.
  5. After years of wanting one, I finally snagged a Color StyleWriter 4100 (the HP rebadge) on eBay in excellent condition. I have some experience with late 90s HP printers on Windows, all of which has been positive, so I'm curious, what have people generally thought of the 4100/4500 on the Mac? How does it compare, say, with the Canon-based 2400/2500?
  6. I'm having some issues with AppleTalk on a few machines. Both are re-capped, so we can set that issue aside right now. The first is an LC. This one has never worked on a network, even with its original board. (I'm not sure if the original board was the one I got re-capped or if I put another one that had already been done inside). I've tried a lot of different things on it, including a new PSU, a different box, a fresh system install...and it just won't see the network. I have a Classic II that does the exact same thing. I swapped out LocalT
  7. The TI-89 also has a 68000! Now I'm tempted to try to do more with mine besides just teach calculus with it!!
  8. Following. I have a 550 with no sound. It hasn't been re-capped though, as I just got it on Saturday.
  9. To me it makes more sense for the IIc, which also has its own bag but has a keyboard built in and can be attached to any TV. Still, if I need to go somewhere in a hurry, I can always put the LC in the bag and take it with me!!
  10. Yes, those are Mac monitors. The easy way to tell a IIGS monitor is the power light. On a Mac, it's a rectangle. On a IIGS, it's a parallelogram, with the short sides parallel to the top and bottom of the display.
  11. There exists a bag specifically for the LC and a 12" monitor. I actually have one of these--got an LCII in it some time ago.
  12. I've used three cartridges and the alcohol trick, so I'm guessing the contact may be the issue. I could always find another StyleWriter and swap some parts around to see if it would work.
  13. Sadly, no...still looking for solutions here!!
  14. Here's an idea for anyone who is good with HyperCard and MacroMind Director...how about a challenge to see who can come up with a new expansion room for Spelunx? The program was designed to be expanded, as evidenced by the builder. All copies of Spelunx came with just three rooms, but apparently there were more in the works. (There was also evidently a DOS version in the works at one time...source for that is the color Spelunx manual). I've thought about this for years, especially as an educator who sees the value behind the activities of Spelunx and would have loved to
  15. Do any of these disks contain a program called Dinosaur Days? I've been looking for that one for 25 years!!
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