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  1. now get one of the huge wide CRTs to go with it! http://www.geoapikonisis.gr/images/imagestation-pic.jpg Dana
  2. Neither was really earlier, afaik - just the 14" wallstreets had a squared off corners, and the smaller screened wallstreets had the rounded corners. Lombards and Pismos appear to all have rounded off corners and the 14" screen - but the screen is also mounted further away from the latch in those, than in 14" wallstreets. Dana
  3. for anyone else curious about the lid types on Wallstreets: http://www.danamania.com/temp/wslatches.jpg http://www.danamania.com/temp/wslids.jpg 13" and below with the rounded edge, and 14" with the squared off edge Dana
  4. And for a little mac minutiae - 13" vs 14" wallstreet lids: http://www.danamania.com/temp/wslids.jpg and http://www.danamania.com/temp/wslatches.jpg The smaller screen got the smoothed off case, where the 14" screen had the chunkier top. Dana
  5. Goodness - what a day, and what a surrounded-by-stuff moment I'm having. A few boxes from friends came within hours of one another, and I'm surrounded with more Bits than I know what to do with. Some duplicates, some spares, some new interesting stuff I haven't had before. Wallstreet I 13" G3/233 with battery & cd Wallstreet II 14" G3/233 with battery, cd & PSU Powerbook 520 with two PSUs - awesome hinges and case on this one. http://www.danamania.com/temp/blackbooks2.jpg Targus case to fit a 5x0 Power Mac 7500/100 (almost completing the PPC601 collection!) Apple microp
  6. I use a small paring knife - about 3" long. The important thing is to have something you can hold quite stable and wedge between the CPU and its socket, and lift just a little bit, while moving around the corners. It might take three or four rounds, but eventually it'll be loose enough to come out bluekatt: As for overclocking, it depends on the machine. Some of them have the frequency of the CPU controlled by an oscillator that you can swap out, others are controlled by a clock signal generator IC, which can be set for one of multiple speeds by moving surface mount resistors around on t
  7. For anyone who has both a powerbook 100 and powerbook 150 with their original feet - are the rear feet both interchangeable (ie mechanically swappable between the two machines) *AND* physically the same to look at? In pictures they look quite similar, but I need to know if they're the same. I have a pb100 with no feet, and I have three pb150s, one of which is dead and came to me with the display in pieces - sticking a pair of 150 feet on the 100 would be one more step towards restoring it . Dana
  8. And you can be lucky the opposite direction too - I bought a wallstreet 300 which, from the pics, looked really beat-up, and all I wanted from it was the logic board and CPU. Turns out the scratches in it aren't really visible irl, and the thing is as solid as a wallstreet gets. Unless you see something for yourself, irl, there's not much way to guarantee what it's like - I risk that on every eBay buy, but deal with it all the same. Dana
  9. Perhaps a section for apple literature - that can include stuff about books. Anything from original Apple brochures we might have picked up, to unfilled warranty cards with that new-in-box 128k, to copies of the rarer apple tech documentation for entire machines. That might be neat. Dana
  10. http://www.danamania.com/temp/9600_colour.jpg is another example - my 9600, with colour monitor and default colour balance taken only by a low power desk lamp - that's a normal working colour screen displaying a grey classic OS gui. The opposite is when the colour balance is set for the screen - the incandescent-lit room can show up very yellow, even red! http://www.danamania.com/temp/pb100-2.jpg (on a pb100) Running multiple machines next to each other does show some colour differences across the whole of the greyscale screens. some are a touch more bluish, and powerbooks typically a
  11. The screens (when shown in photos) vary widely in colour, depending on the light the photo is taken in - white balance makes a HUGE difference. My SE for one, looks to have a grey screen in photos where the room is lit by sunlight, and a very definite blue when the photo is lit by a single incandescent bulb. Dana
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